Saturday, July 16, 2011

Awesome Ways to Get Taller Fast

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Even the acupressurists and acupuncturists don't claim to be able to help someone over the age of 36 to get taller. However, it is possible to grow taller, although just how tall is entirely to do with the individual's genetic make-up, diet and sleep patterns. If you read any articles on how to grow three inches fast, then you should realize that this is not realistic for everyone. If you are still growing and under the age of twenty-four, then it may be possible for some of you to gain three inches in height but not all can or will.

Eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium will help to promote bone growth, so eat leafy green vegetables, turnips, almonds, and plenty of fresh fruit and dairy products. You need protein too, and this can be got from lean meats and fresh fish, such as mackerel, salmon (smoked is good too) and sardines to name but a few. These fish also contain the Omega-3 fatty acid which most Americans lack in their diets. Of course there are health supplements which you can take, but if you don't change an unhealthy diet, you will have limited success in gaining height, although you will probably gain in size in terms of added weight. The more weight you carry if you are short, the more your lack of height will be noticed. Eating healthily will help you not put on extra pounds as well as increasing your chances of gaining height in a natural way.

Exercises can be done to help you gain height faster, and while the best for this are those which stretch the spine, swimming regularly, cycling and jumping rope will also help, as will kicking and jumping exercises. In fact any sport you do can improve your height.

One thing that you can do to make yourself appear taller is to stand straight and as tall as you can. Don't hunch your shoulders and slouch around. Be confident in yourself and hold your head high with your chin firmly set. This will give you a more attractive appearance, as when you don't pull yourself up to your full height, you are not showing yourself to advantage, and this is true for people of any height. You can add inches to your height just by standing properly and uncurling your body. How to grow three inches fast? That's easy; stand up straight and hold your head up proudly at all times. People will find you more attractive than if you slouch and look permanently apologetic for your height.

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