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Blister Care Products

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People often use tape on their feet to prevent blisters while walking or running. This is a good enough protection mechanism.

You could use duct tape for this purpose or specifically designed tape too. Blister plaster is one such product.

This is used in treatment and prevention of blisters. They are commonly applied over hot spots and areas that are more prone to blisters like heel, instep or toes. These are made such that once applied they feel like a second skin and stay intact for even in a wet environment.

These can also be applied over existing blisters that have been burst and drained of their fluid. This lets an athlete or walker to continue with their walk or run with the blister but without the discomfort.

Blister plasters make sure that a blister heals quickly, without a scab and with the least amount of pain.

Blister plasters are more effective then only tape, if applied properly. A tip to use these blisters is that they can be warmed up using your hands before taping it on to your skin. This will make them stick better.

As mentioned, taping can be done using duct tape or blister plasters, however, there are certain Taping 101s that need to be understood before embarking upon taping. These are

- Cut the forward edges of the tape when taping the ball of your foot. This will prevent the tape from coming into contact and cutting into the crease at the base of the toes.

- Tips should be covered with a longitudinal strip while taping toes, if your toes are a problem area. It is not advisable to extend circumferential layer so that it irritates the skin between toes.

- Tape toes and your forefoot when walking or running downhill to prevent "Downhill blisters".

- Tape heels and over Achilles tendon when walking or running uphill to prevent "Uphill blisters".

There are a variety of other products that can be used to prevent or treat blisters. Some of them are listed below

- Moleskin: This is a soft cotton pad like dressing that protects against friction.

- Adhesive felt: Also a padding it is available in 1/8 and 1/4 inches.

- Blister Relief: These are designed to work as a second layer of skin, which cushions and protects.

- Mueller's More Skin: These are pads designed to decrease friction.

- Spyroflex: This is a sterile wound dressing that protects skin, speeds up healing and protects from bacteria and external moisture.

It should be noted there that applying moleskin, gauze or other bandages will change the way your foot fits inside a shoe.

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