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Fruit And Vegetable Guide For Creating Juicing for Weight Loss Recipes

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Before listing the best fruits and vegetables for creating juicing for weight loss recipes there are a few important guidelines to keep in mind.
Most important is to beware of sugary fruit. Here is a partial list of high sugar content fruits that you should consume only occasionally: Plums, oranges, kiwifruit, pears, pineapple, tangerines, cherries, grapes, pomegranates, mangos, figs, and bananas. Yes, these are favorites but they will hinder your weight loss progress.
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Also important is to mix juicing with a sensible diet. Juicing-only diets are not advised. They are potentially dangerous to your health. Such radical dieting should never be attempted without first consulting a physician.
As far as the number of times you should juice per day when juicing for weight loss, 3 times is adequate. Drink a juicing combination for breakfast and again for a mid-morning snack. Then eat your largest meal of the day for lunch. Follow with another juicing combo in the afternoon and then a moderate evening meal.
To create your juicing combinations select from the following vegetables and fruits:
Grapefruit, lemons, and limes- These should be your primary choices when adding fruit juice to your juicing combos.
Apples- The good news is that apples are about as good as it gets. They are sweet but a low glycemic fruit. Apples provide many health benefits including supporting healthy blood-sugar levels. When you need some nutritious sweetness for a combination include an apple.
Ginger- Just a sliver of ginger can provide flavor enhancement for many of your juicing combinations.
Carrot- Surprise, surprise! That veggie that your mom tried to get you to eat actually produces a sweet and delicious juice that will enhance your veggie combinations. Carrots aid digestions, cleanse the live, and provide high levels of beta-carotene.
Spinach- Also on your mom's list of favorites and for good reason. Spinach is rich in chlorophyll and calcium and helps to alkalize your body.
Cabbage- Yes, there really is something to cabbage for weight loss. Most importantly, cabbage is a potent antioxidant. Use cabbage liberally in juicing combinations.
Cucumber- Best for juicing is a variety called English cucumbers. This variety is more flavorful and doesn't overpower the flavors of other ingredients.
Tomato- As strange as it may seem, although acidic, tomatoes actually help reduce acid in the body. They help stimulate blood circulation, cleanse the liver, and work to purify the blood. They are also wonderful flavorful additions for your juicing combinations.
Beetroot- This is another vegetable that is good for your blood. Beets are also particularly good for your kidneys. Another benefit of this vegetable is that it adds sweetness to your combinations. Just don't over do it.
Lettuce- There are obviously many varieties of lettuce. For the purpose of accessing the most nutrients stick to the dark-green types of lettuce. Lettuce is alkalizing and mineral rich. Most green vegetables are alkaline rich and aid in maintaining a proper alkaline/acid pH balance in your body.
Watercress-This veggie is often overlooked but it should not be. Watercress is a powerful intestinal cleanser and toxin neutralizer. It's particularly good for the kidneys, bladder, blood circulation, cleansing the skin and serves to burn fat.
Just like any diet plan, to properly use dieting you must be disciplined. The good news is the juicing for weight loss recipes can help you shed pounds quickly.
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