Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How I Relieve My Flatulence And Constipation

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Do you suffer flatulence, a bloated stomach and constipation on a regular basis? I do and I know exactly what causes it. My diet, or more specifically it is the stodgy carbohydrates that I eat which causes my problems. So how do I relieve these disharmonious, often painful stomach problems.

Firstly, you must understand (which I am sure you already do, to some extent) that what you put inside your body, and the lifestyle you lead, is what will determine your health. So if your health is suffering, it is usually (major conditions aside) down to the lifestyle you're leading, and what you are eating.

But what if you're in good health, but you still get intestinal gas and constipation problems? I'll go into that later in the article, but if you are like me and you generally live a clean life, but on the odd occasions you get in a really bad mood and just eat junk food for a couple of days. Well, the outcome may certainly be stomach problems.

When your digestive system is used to passing through it a regular diet, which is high in fiber and you suddenly switch to stodgy foods like pasta, breads and large cuts of red meats or worse, a sugary diet consisting of chocolates and treats - the normal functioning of your gut could stop (if you've got a sensitive constitution). And what you're left with is an unstable digestive process, which produces flatulence and blockages.

We all get in bad moods, whether it's from stress at work or at home, and more often than not we 'try' and relieve (albeit brief relief) our stress by eating the stuff which makes us feel good. But the bottom line is that 'stuff' is junk food, and will either add extra and unwanted pounds of flab around our waistline, or it will have an adverse effect on our digestive system.

So I do two things. Firstly, I make radical changes to my diet. Secondly, I increase my daily exercise. The changes I make to my diet are not favored by everyone, but it works and the byproduct of it, is that I can shed around seven pounds of body weight in seven days!

I simply cut out all the digestible carbohydrates out of my diet, a bit like the 'Atkins Diet' did. But with one exception, I don't cut out all the vegetables (apart from the obvious ones which I know are 'gas causers'). So my daily diet would run something like this. Breakfast is a three or four egg omelet, or a couple of slices of bacon and scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms (depending how hungry I am). Snacks would be a slice of cheese on occasions, but more often this is replaced with a boiled egg or thin slice of beef.

Lunch would be a tuna salad, with lots of olive oil, and made up off lots of red peppers, cucumber, olives and some tomatoes. Or if I wanted a hot lunch, that would be a chicken breast done in olive oil, with red peppers, some onions (not too many, for obvious reasons), and asparagus. Dinner would be similar to lunch, maybe a small steak or large chicken breast in olive oil, with a heap of the right vegetables.

Or I'd grill a chicken breast with cheese and a slice of bacon wrapped around it, and separately grill some vegetables like garlic, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, fennel and red onion.

My exercise regime is generally good, but again if stress becomes too much, you get too tired to head out to the gym, or go for a run, so this lack of exercise also causes your digestive system problems. But when you reach 'threshold' and you really must get off your behind and go for even a long walk to kick-start your system, you can do any exercise you choose. I head out to the gym for a 60 minute cardio workout, or go for a long walk in the hills with the dog.

This is a sure fast way to clear any intestinal gases, relieve constipation and get rid of that bloated stomach. At the end, common sense should prevail but in times of stress, we always look to our 'comfort zone' for help and that is more often than not, the foods which cause flatulence and constipation.

Once you discover what flatulence cause is you can easily relieve your bloated stomach, any constipation you may be suffering and be free of gas forever. But first you must understand that natural treatments are always better than pharmaceutical ones, which in fact make your problems worse.

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