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In Children Yeast Infection May Cause Many Symptoms

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You are searching for answers for your child's health problems. You don't like it when they suffer and now you're wondering if this precious child might have a yeast infection. In children yeast infection may manifest in the following scenarios.

The yeast commonly disguises itself as an ear infection. Your precious little girl wakes up in the night wailing with ear pain.

The doctor takes a peek in the ear and sure enough. he sees it, that reddish-pink protruding ear drum. You take the antibiotic prescription and start giving the antibiotic faithfully to your child. Aren't you pleasantly surprised? Her pain disappears and you have your happy child back.

Until the next ear infection hits. Same scenario. Here we go again, more antibiotics. Ear infection clears, for awhile! Then it's back with a vengeance. This time stronger antibiotic, but shorter time to next infection. And so the vicious cycle goes on and on.

Now your little girl seems not quite like her bubbly bright self. She's more reserved, less energetic, less inquisitive about life. Her zest for life is dulled.

You're starting to worry.

With the next ear infection the doctor starts talking about putting tubes in her ears. You start to put on the brakes. Do you really want something punctured through your child's ear drums? No, you really don't like that idea.

But what else can you do?

Find out what's causing the recurrent ear infections and treat that appropriately.

Perhaps the first ear infection really was caused by a bacteria and the antibiotics killed it off. But antibiotics act like a shotgun. They not only kill off the culprit, they also kill the innocent bystanders which in this case are the normal friendly bacteria.

With the good guys killed off, the bad guys proliferate. As the yeast blossoms in the back of the throat around the Eustachian tube that drains the middle ear, they create swelling that blocks this drainage tube.

The pressure and pain increase as fluid builds in the middle ear. This obstruction and stagnation allows more bacteria and/or yeast to over grow.

If you deal appropriately with the yeast, the swelling goes down, the ear drains normally and you have just successfully circumvented the necessity for the alternative drainage procedure - puncturing your little girl's ear drums with artificial tubes.

Or perhaps you recognize your little boy in that same scenario only he has recurrent sinusitis treated by recurrent prescriptions for antibiotics. The process of reversing the vicious cycle is the same.

Taking multiple rounds of antibiotics can also destroy many of the good bacteria in the gut. As the yeast takes over the gut too, children may complain of stomach aches and experience gas and bloating, and constipation or diarrhea (or both).

As the conditions in the gastrointestinal tract deteriorate, children may not fully digest their food. Eventually this leads to obvious and hidden food allergies which manifest in a myriad of other symptoms remote from the digestive tract.

As the yeast bubble and brew in the intestines, they spew out their digestive by-products which happen to be toxic to human beings.

Any organ that's affected by the food allergies and toxins can malfunction.

If it's the brain your child may display these behaviors: hyperactivity, outbursts of anger and short attention span. Some autistic children have been able to attain a higher level of functioning when yeast control measures have been incorporated in their daily habits.

Watch for these respiratory tract problems:: nasal mucosa swelling, difficulty breathing through the nose, chronic postnasal drip, swelling of the sinus mucous membranes and chronic sinus inflammation. Yeast may be a part of chronic asthma problems. Perhaps your child pops out with hives for no apparent reason - suspect yeast as one possible reason. Or that chronic hard to treat eczema is driving him and you nuts - consider yeast overgrowth. Even psoriasis may be associated with yeast.

Yes, in children yeast infection causes parents to suffer too. But neither you nor your child need to suffer any longer.

You're on the right track now. You've got your suspect in sight. Keep learning more and working with a holistic doctor to get these yeasty-beasties back into the proper balance in your child's body.

Believe in yourself. You can subdue those yeast critters that have taken over in your child's body. In children yeast infection can often be controlled quickly. Dr. Jo loves to share the good news about overcoming yeast infection.

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