Friday, July 15, 2011

Just Say No To Antiperspirant

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I often write about the folly of interfering with natural processes, as I have found (and this just makes sense) there is always a price to pay and we are seldom, if ever, are better off than if we had not messed with it in the first place. A really excellent example of this is the use of antiperspirants. Sweating serves a couple of very important and beneficial functions in the body. It helps regulate internal and external body temperature and helps eliminate toxins. Our underarms is the primary site where this process takes place and as such I am guessing it is probably not a good idea to be messing with it. However it doesn't stop there, turns out there is a darker side to antiperspirants.

Did you ever wonder how they stop the perspiration? The ingredient they use to plug up your sweat glands is aluminum. Applying aluminum to your skin everyday will eventually lead to chronic exposure as the evidence shows that aluminum stays in the body for 15 days after applying an antiperspirant. Studies have shown that chronic exposure not only increases your risk of Alzheimers by up to 60%, but can cause neurological disorders and neurodegenerative damage. If you know someone that has Alzheimers, you are fully aware of what a brutal disease it is. Then you also know the key is not to get it in the first place as the treatments get dismal results.

The best course of action of course is to avoid putting aluminum on your skin in the first place. Unless you are one of those rare people who sweat so profusely that it is embarrassing, stopping yourself from sweating is not a good option. Besides what most of us really want is to smell clean and fresh instead of smelly and dirty. This can be accomplished without using toxic substances. There are many natural products out there that will do the job that you can easily online or at your local whole foods. Lately I have been using crystal rock salts and been getting really good results, better than the commercial deodorants I have used. There is no odor but yet it keeps the perspiration smell down. I have used some of the natural roll-ons and gotten very good results. Scented essential oils that can be sprayed on are also a good option, as you create your own scent and they are gentle on the skin. Remember, sweating is good for you, you need to do it regularly, but you don't have to stink!

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