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Stress Related Headache Symptoms

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Have you experienced tension headache symptoms that constantly affect your activities every day? Maybe you suspect it as migraine and you are trying to find any means or treatment just to ease the pain. It is necessary to ask help from a medical specialist on how to stop it but identifying the source of pain is the first thing you have to do. The following paragraphs will give you information about the causes of headaches and the most effective remedies that you can apply.
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The most common symptoms of the tension headache include dull aching head, pressure or tightness in various parts of your head, tenderness of the scalp and neck, TMJ pain and rare cases of loss of appetite. Most specialists claims that the pain varies from one patient to another. Stress related headache is a chronic problem because it can occur occasionally or frequently many times in a month and can last from thirty minutes to several days.

You can deal with stress related headache through different treatments other than the migraine headache treatment because their symptoms also are different. The symptoms of migraines are nausea, achy joints, and visual problems. These symptoms cannot be applied in stress linked headaches. on the other hand, sensitivity to light can cause a tension headache.

It is advised that you take headache medicine more than twice a week but you must consult your doctor to know the causes of your headaches first and foremost. There are some serious causes such as brain tumor or aneurysm of a blood vessel that can also show similar symptoms. You have to seek emergency care in case you experience abrupt and severe headache accompanied with a fever, stiff neck, and confusion in your mind, seizures, double vision, weakness, numbness or difficulty in speaking, worse headache after a head injury, and progressive headache with coughing, exertion, straining or a sudden movement among others.

You can have many options in dealing with your headaches, from drinking a soft drink to the last option the surgery. Most people who are finding treatments with their common tension headache find pain relievers, sleep, drinking more liquids, stress management by doing their hobbies and performing some exercises, lowering blood pressure, and wearing TMJ mouth guards that prevent TMJ symptoms and teeth grinding at night. All the things mentioned above can give you solutions on how to stop headaches. Therefore, if you think you are having this kind of symptoms, you can follow some of the remedies written in this page or make sure you make an appointment with a TMJ dentist as soon as possible.

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