Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunshine Affects Your Health

at 7:52 AM
I think we all agree that most of us feel better when the sun shines. This does not mean that we do not like the rain means only the Sun and heat make us feel better. Yet people tend to avoid being in the Sun, or have been very careful in covering to limit UV exposure. While it is good to take these precautions and use sunscreen, let's not forget the benefits of the Sun too.
Sun is the best way for us to get the vitamin d they need for optimal health. In the article ' the importance of vitamin D Dr. Mehmet Oz, he states that it is not necessary to be outside in the Sun for a long time to get what your body needs.
In situations like I already mentioned, where there was so much rain, not particularly this spring there has been much sun is making it harder to get vitamin d is required. The other thing I noticed is that I like many of you, long working days and spend a lot of time indoors. Sometimes it is difficult to get away and this limits the amount of Sun, as well as the vitamin d you get. Therefore, you might not be getting enough vitamin d.
I try to make it a habit to walk at least two miles as much as I can because I enjoy it, is good exercise and now I have another reason to continue to do so, for vitamin d.
So why is vitamin d so important for our health? I know that the daylight and the Sun has a positive effect on mood, how we feel and our well-being. When someone does not have enough vitamin D, this can lead to irritability and depression. Vitamin d also supports the bones, modulates the neuromuscular function and reduces inflammation, to name a few.
Studies show that lack of vitamin D, in some cases can lead to more severe illness, including cancer, high blood pressure and immune system weaknesses, once again, to name a few.
So if you feel that it is possible that vitamin d levels may be low or you suffer from symptoms that says here, consult your doctor.
Try to make it a point to get outside, get some Sun and fresh air, when you can. Over the weekend is the perfect time to take a break like this. And 4 July long weekend just around the corner, this is a perfect time to get outside and enjoy the Sun, for the fun of it and for your health.
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