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Understanding Hyperhidrosis, a Condition Referring to Chronic Excessive Sweating

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Usually sweating is a natural cooling factor but is a curse when it becomes hyperhidrosis. Sweating keeps the body cool by evaporation. People sweat relatively more when doing some exercise or heavy work. In the similar way inhabitants of warmer climates perspire at a relatively higher rate. Perspiring rate also gets higher in risky conditions, when one is facing danger, is embarrassed and also perhaps in extreme anger.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition when a person excessively sweats with unpredictable conditions. Unlike natural conditions, it continues even when one is at rest or sitting in a cooler environment. The alternative names of the disease are excessive perspiration and diaphoresis. People suffering with hyperhidrosis may become irritable on account of their excessive loss of water.

It is due to hyperactivity of sweating glands causing a person to perspire highly. It does not follow any natural triggers as those mentioned above. Person suffering with hyperhidrosis may face discomfort both physically and emotionally. When going into detail, you will find no reason for primary hyperhidrosis. It seems genetically inherited in family's generations after generations. Primary hyperhidrosis is a condition where sweating affects hands, feet and armpits. It is usually considered tolerable, and this type of hyperhidrosis is hard to treat if folks are seeking treatment.

Another type of hyperhidrosis is known as secondary hyperhidrosis, which is a condition where sweating is the outcome of another medical condition. These conditions may include cancer, anxiety, heart diseases, lung disease, spinal injury and tuberculosis. It can also be due to a side effect of synthetic medication. Patients lose their weight and complain of lack of appetite. It is also considered that in some cases, it is due to emotional balance disturbance. The commonly found symptom of hyperhidrosis is wetness and the details can be diagnosed during a visit to a doctor. Patients have different conditions, like some feel that their sweating rate is higher at night, while others have a vice versa condition.

It is common, though misunderstanding, that deodorants control sweating. Therefore these are purchased frequently in warmer areas. While the fact is that these do not help controlling sweat, but lessen the body odor. People suffering with too much sweating should make excessive use of antiperspirants. The more potent antiperspirants have aluminum chloride which plugs the sweating ducts. This is a common remedy being applied throughout the world. Yet the risk is that one with higher amount of aluminum chloride may damage your skin or clothing. However it is necessary to avoid excessive perspiration.

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