Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Walking Vs Running - What's Best For You?

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When considering the issue for walking vs running, there are numerous kinds of factors to consider.

Let's make this much simpler by itemizing all the positives and negatives of walking vs running.

Running Pro's

It's an extremely quick way to get fitter

It's relatively cheap to do

It's simple, you don't need any distinct ability or talents.

You'll get a genuine high after ending your runs

Running Negatives

It's normally too over facing for newbies and anybody who is weighty

It places a large amount of strain on the joints of the ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

You'll have to get hold of a pair of high-quality (often costly) trainers

Most people don't take pleasure in the feeling of forcing themselves out of their comfort zone that far.

Walking Pro's

You are able to walk any place and at anytime.

If you're battling to fit in a walk some day, it's super easy to build up your steps by walking around your house

You actually don't need to have any specialized accessories

Your walking workouts starts whenever you exit your front door

You don't need to get sweaty or work very hard

You can work at different intensities for the way you feel.

It's an exceptionally satisfying type of exercise that is also really sociable

Walking Disadvantages

It's considered being 'too easy'

You have to be constant to see any results

The fitness benefits won't be as fast as with other physical activities

When you're reviewing walking vs running it's advisable to think of your former experiences of exercise and what you really enjoy or dislike about it. If you'd prefer pushing yourself to the limit then you might instantly think that running is the only choice.

However this is far from the truth.

You could consider employing level 4 power walking or possibly quickly walking up a difficult slope on a hill or a running machine. I promise if you walk as quickly as you can on the steepest incline you can use that you'll be shattered by the end of it.

When comparing walking vs running with regards to which is the most powerful choice for you to use to shed weight, then I advise that you look at it like this. Many people would run perhaps a couple times per week when getting started and they'd be successful to run a maximum of 5 minutes in total. This could burn approximately 150 - 200 calories from fat.

However if they as a substitute went for a regular walk for half an hour at a time they would burn significantly more calories, as many as 1400 each week depending on how quick and what surface was walked over.

So there are many reasons to take into consideration before choosing walking vs running, it's not necessarily the obvious option which you may think.

Discover just HOW EFFECTIVE walking vs running can be for burning fat and toning all those hard to reach places.

My name is Jago Holmes CPT, I'm a certified personal trainer and I strongly urge you to read everything on the next page before trying another diet or exercise regime - walking for weight loss

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