Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chest Exercises For Women

at 11:01 PM
Articles chest exercises for women will help you tighten and strengthen the chest muscles to maintain or keep the ideal posture. Chest exercise is one of the best exercises for women to improve posture, strengthen the shoulder muscles, and tighten the breast.

Here is a guide:
Inchline Push Up
How to do it:

The position of lying on the incline bench machine.
Position your feet stick to the table strong.
Open and stretch the feet parallel to the long arm.
The two hands holding a dumbbell.
Raise the dumbbell with your arms straighten, make sure the position of the tribe does not buckle.
Hold the position for one minute
Lower the dumbbells at your sides.
Repeat for 6 reps.

Push Up
How to do it:
The position of lying on the floor.
Straighten your legs and bend your arms.
Position your palms facing down, close to the chest.
Lift your body off the ground, with legs and hands pressed together.
Position hands under shoulders.
Hold the position a few seconds.
Lower body by bending your elbows.
Pause for a few seconds, and repeat 8 reps.

Chest Press with Resistance Bands
How to do it:
Wrap the resistance band near the pole and stood in front of him.
Stretch band and position ourselves a little in front of the pole, until the tension felt in the band.
Stretch both arms and pull the band forward with your palms facing down.
Slowly loosen the tension on the band.
Repeat 10 reps.

Push Up with Medicine Ball
How to do it:

The position of lying on the floor, doing push-ups position.
Bend your knees.
The position of the body must be in a straight line.
One hand on the ball and focus on the other hand on the floor to lift the body.
Push the ball with the hand holding the other hand, and lower body.
Do the exercises on the other hand.
Repeat the exercise as much as six reps.

Ball Chest Fly
How to do it:

Sitting on a stability ball.
Slowly turn down (lying down).
Rest your head on the wall.
Place your upper body on a stability ball.
Bend your ankles up to the ankle under the knee.
Lift your hips to keep your posture straight.
The two hands holding a dumbbell with your palms berhadapans each other.
Raise both arms straight up.
Hold the position for one minute, then lower dumbbell slowly.
Repeat for 6 reps.

Perform this exercise with any kind of movement and posture appropriate to guide your workout for optimal results. Keep your fitness at the same time tighten your chest muscles with this exercise. Happy practicing!