Monday, May 2, 2011

Best Legs Exercises for Shaping the Sexy Legs

at 3:24 PM
Millions of women in this world wants a beautiful and sexy feet. Various exercises have been conducted to get sexy legs, but they often forget about the special exercises for the calf. Betis are the feet that are shown when more dressed.

Calf muscle has a very important task for the leg. To develop it, you need to do some exercises that focused on the calf. Consider the following:

1. Calf Raise Squat Rack
When you practice in the gym, try to practice using the squat rack and get Calf box (a small, sturdy box to lower your heel from the edge of the box together while you lift your foot with your toes and your ankles.)

Pick a medium load in the squat rack and shoulder-high sets. Calf Standing in the box so that your heel positions are dipinggiran box, then place the bar over your shoulder. Use your toes and calf muscles to push the weight until you are standing tiptoe. Hold the position for two seconds, then lower slowly.

Repeat this movement as much as 10-12 reps.

2. Squats
Regular squat exercise is a good exercise for calf muscles, for more optimal results, try to add weight during exercise.

In order for your calf muscles involved during the squat exercise is to make sure you keep the balance of the body. Perform squats with extra loads on the shoulder to increase the pressure on the calf muscles. You can combine this exercise with jumping squats.

3. Skipping / Jump Rope
Jump rope is useful to lose weight and build calf muscle. Do it for about 20 minutes for torn calf muscle and form new muscle tissue. Since jumping rope will make the motion in such a way that moving the calf.

4. Sprint
Sprint or run fast is one of the best ways to encourage and put pressure on the foot through the beat movement. Running also can lose weight quickly and form the body properly.

5. Leg Press Machine
Leg press machine, mainly used to develop muscle quadricpes and the other foot. But with a little variation of movement, you also can train the muscles of the calf. Sit in a chair and start with a light load and add slowly to limit the power of your calf muscles. Push the load and slowly return to starting position. This exercise is excellent for forming the calf, due to constant pressure from the exercise machine will make the calf muscles to work hard.

Do 5 sets of this exercise to build calf muscles get a better and more sexy legs! Happy practicing!