Saturday, April 30, 2011

Four Ways of Overcoming Dry Lips and Broken-rupture

at 8:14 AM
If you live in a town that's cold, or spend much time in air-conditioned places, chapped lips are one of the problems that often arise. But do not worry, we know how to handle it.

1. Do not lick lips
Saliva evaporates quickly from the lips of premises, and this will cause our lips become dry. If you have a habit of licking his lips, avoid the use of fruit-flavored lipbalm. Choose a bitter for you not tempted.

2. Always willing lip balm
Do not ever leave alias lip balm lip moisturizer. Bring with you wherever you go, and apply to lips and surrounding area when it's starting to feel dry. Lip moisturizer is best that contains beeswax, shea butter, and SPF to protect lips from sun exposure.

3. Ritual before bed
Do not just brush your teeth, wash face, and wear a moisturizer before bed. In order to keep lips healthy, beautiful, and spared from drought, get used to perform this ritual every night before bed. Take a small towel, and wet with warm water. Then rub the wet towel gently on the lips to peel off dead skin causes chapped lips. After feeling soft, apply a lip moisturizer. This moisturizer will work nourish lips while we sleep.

4. Many drink
You must have known that we should drink at least eight glasses of water every day, right? Dry lips is one way the body's signal that he is short of fluid. So do not just moisturize from the outside (by applying lip balm), but also moisten the inside with the help of mineral water.