Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to Choose and Use Right Red Lipstick

at 12:40 AM
One of the trends that will always endure all time is the red lipstick. Unfortunately, not all women are able to appear with bright red lips. And if you know the tricks, anyone can really look beautiful and elegant with red lipstick.

1. Choose the right color
There is a wide choice of colors red lipstick. If your skin is white, white, or shades of pink, choose shades of blue or red color that seem "cool". Yellow tinted skin more appropriate to use a warm red, brown or yellowish shades. If your skin tends to dark, choose shades of red, brown or orange. Dark red lipstick will make lips look thinner, so if you are thin lips, choose a bright red color.

2. Make sure your lips smooth
Red lipstick would look bad if dioles to the lip of rough or chapped. Try brushing your lips with a wet toothbrush. This will remove dead skin stuck to the lips. After that, apply a moisturizer to taste.

3. Use a lip liner
Red lipstick tends to easily melt into the outer lip line. Especially if you are not skilled at applying lipstick. To fix this, make a line with a lip liner around the inner lip line. Choose a lip liner with your lipstick color. After that, just paint the inside of the lip lines with red lipstick. Use a lip brush if you want the results are more evenly.

4. Attach the lip to the tissue
After applying red lipstick, lip stick you to the lip tissue to leave a mark. Blotting technique was used to make the first sweep of long-lasting lipstick on the lips. After blotting, apply again the same lipstick to your lips.

5. Use blush on
With red lipstick, attention will be focused on your lips. Keep your makeup in the face of others remain natural and not excessive, to avoid makeup menor. Simply apply mascara on the eyes, or pulaskan eye liner on upper lids. Use a natural color like a blush on a peach.

6. One bought lipstick?
It turned out that red lipstick that you buy the color is too bright and gaudy. Do not immediately discarded. Experiment by mixing the lipstick with the other colors of lipstick collection that you have. Who knew you even find your favorite color.

7. Confident
Red lipstick aims to make the wearer the center of attention. So, if you've stuck pretty red lipstick on your lips, wear it with confidence. Show that you deserve to be the center of attention.