Thursday, May 5, 2011

7 Simple Tools to Exercise at Home

at 3:04 PM
Many people come to the gym with a variety of reasons such as body shape, lose weight or increase muscle mass. But sometimes there are moments where you're lazy to practice in the gym. Anticipation of this requirement by purchasing simple tools that follow so you stay in shape by practicing at home, namely:

Select band to perform resistance exercises appropriate physical abilities. You can choose a backing of alternative energy such as light, medium, heavy and extra.
Exercise Ball
You can find exercise balls in a store that sells fitness equipment. You can choose to exercise the right size ball based on your physical condition.
Even if you have carpet in the house, make sure you also have a training mat. This is useful as a booster cushion for exercise and protect elbows, knees and toes blisters due to friction while doing yoga, stretching, and cooling.
Medicine Ball
Use this ball for alternatives and variations of other exercises such as abdominal exercises and leg exercises. Make sure you do not do the exercises with a medicine ball throw in your house.
Barbell is a classic exercise tool that survive each generation. Buy one or several sets of dumbbells of different weights in the fitness equipment store. You can use dumbbells for different exercises at home.
Guide Training DVD
Buy DVD training guide as encouragement and motivation to your exercise at a time to develop the exercises. Select a DVD guide based on your favorite workout, whether it be yoga, pilates, exercises with bands, aerobics, and more.
Body Bar
Use the bar body to practice, put the body in place of a solid bar. Body Bar is a bar that has a special padding to make a kind of exercise. Body Bar can also be coupled with a special tape as a variation.

Some of these devices simple exercise above, you may consider yourself to always respond, even if you're lazy to practice in the gym. Good practice!