Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alternative health options home-how to give someone a Shiatsu massage!

at 1:59 PM
The art of Shiatsu is an ancient technique from Japan and is intended to be used to diagnose and treat various irregularities of the body. Using your fingers, palms and thumbs, a person applying pressure in certain areas of the surface of the body can correct these imbalances. To get good at it will take time and experience to get right, but it is something that massage therapists may want to consider adding to their skills.
When you go to shiatsu you must ensure that the patient is laying face down on a massage table or very low on the floor. The patient does not have to remove their clothes for this type of massage because there are no oils or creams are used. As soon as the patient is comfortable, can start treatment.
All pressure and you plan to use only the fingers, thumbs and palms to apply pressure. Unlike regular massage where you use your thumb and fingers for massages and squeeze out the different areas of the body with pressure shiatsu just apply only to those areas of the body.
You must understand your patient and try to find out why they have done to shiatsu. Many know what is wrong and let you know, while others may not know that the root of their problem and were just hoping that shiatsu might help. Therefore, before you start treatment is a good idea to examine different areas of their body, which should include the stomach, back, legs and neck. It is a good idea to look for any hard or soft areas. These are the areas that will help you to understand which areas need special attention. Once you've found the area you can start to run the shiatsu treatment.
Remember that when you run shiatsu is not like when you run a regular type of massage. There are specific places on the body that is necessary for the patient's overall health is addressed as target. Areas such as the head, neck, fingers, palms and feet, the toes are all that are called access points to the main organs of our body. These are the areas that need to be targeted by applying pressure at certain points in these areas of the body.
The meridians should be singled out as these are paths where the chi or energy flows through the body. Shiatsu was specifically designed to apply the right amount of pressure to break any blocks might be in these meridians, or paths that can keep anyone from flowing. To find these paths is simply apply pressure in certain parts of the body that have been mentioned prior to this article, and then use your fingers to find any stiffness or anything else that might seem to be irregular. You can then work out the stiffness or irregularities by applying pressure with the thumbs and fingers.
Understand that a good Shiatsu treatment is going to last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours and it is necessary to ensure that it is thorough. You must be sure to work on all areas of the body extensively to ensure that the treatment will be of benefit to the patient.
It is recommended that you do good research on how to find the meridians of the body because it will make it much easier on you when you go to treat the patient. Understand that the instructions here are basically for some lower levels of simple home treatments. In order to practise professionally Shiatsu is necessary to obtain a license to do so.