Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Swings to burn fat and get in shape

at 3:59 PM

I don't do a lot of cardio or whatever to burn fat. I've mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of what some call "cardio infinite." I look at lamaratonain and other people who type and distance events are usually very thin and emaciated looking. A lot of times they are skinny, but are without abs or a small package of six small where each "packet" is about as thin as a pencil.

Honestly I have a fast metabolism, I'm quite active most of the time, working jobs where walking around a lot and sometimes rather physical and just stuff "to do" my free time as opposed to sitting around watching TV.

Lifting weights, do (mostly died elevators) burns the most calories that I need. Losing fat is mostly on diet anyway. I feel that the key to the diet is the sugar control. So I usually preach a lot about doing anything else to burn fat.

But I realize that most people do not have my speedy metabolism and are not accustomed to eating with the same care as me (kind of becomes habit, after a while, and when you cheat occasionally feels bad). So a bit more work to burn fat at that may be necessary, perhaps only because lifting the dead lifting and similar is something you should probably be only making a couple of days per week for less than an hour per day. That means that you might need to do some things that can be done more frequently to burn more fat.

One of my favorite activity is swings. Even if I don't do any exercise rigorously to burn fat as I said that I don't need too. I had to perform cardio-conditioning training type for boxing, and this is a great exercise for getting in shape for a fight to burn fat. It is something you can do everyday to your workout routine (I recommend to have a "weekend" where rest for a couple of days).

Boxers are a lot of training in shifts, since we fight this way. Often this is 3 minutes of work with one minute rest done multiple times. I started doing this, I liked doing one armed swings with a handlebar 35 pounds, alternating hands every 10 Reps soon enough I found that he made about a 100 in this time span and just found it easier to do fashion 100 instead of timing it. I also acquired and passed to a kettlebell somewhere in this period.

The exact weight that is used should not be a big problem, but not too much above or below what you should use. Correct form is key as inter alia this may give you a backache if done incorrectly. If you only get less then 10 or 12 reps, then, this is great for strength training but you're not doing any air conditioning (if you are using an arm, then maybe you could try two armed ones to handle the weight or not use) If you are knocking funkymix 100 + without breathing more difficult then you need weight (or if two of them armed, perhaps you want to use one). But I would say if you can continuously make repetitions (switching arms if done trouble-shooter and working both evenly) and get max 30 to 100 in then this is probably a workable for you.

Can do these 2 (Beginner) or 3 minutes (or count, although I like a number that teases that much time to complete) then take a minute and repeat for set of 3-5. This can be a great way to burn fat.

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