Friday, May 27, 2011

The best way to shape your legs more attractive

at 8:55 PM
Attention to daily habits and is no longer the movement of the leg, can make your legs look leaner and more nutritious. The following magic is to create breathtaking legs in your everyday life you should pay attention.
Firstly, it is better to walk rather than stand for a long time.
Even walking every day, and also makes slim legs. Waling is the best method of fiber legs, trying to take 30 minute walk every day, no matter when you go home or go shopping. Keep the back straight, relax the body straight, knees, move its center of gravity for the legs and toes, this can increase the amount of work your legs. Stand up straight when walking, abdomen, hips, upper body not oscillate too much curvature, you must use the power of life and legs, move the pace quietly. Remember not to stand for a long time, a long period of longstanding, sedentary and long leg squatting cause the circulation of blood. You stay long, swollen leg not only looks, but also serious cause bad image.
Secondly, you sit.
Sitting posture is correlated with the shape of the legs in everyday life, some women need to sit for a long time and no legs have more time to stretch, so you should pay attention to proper sitting posture and activities of the leg. The standard seating position is the same with the shape of the Chair. The back of the Chair is consistent with the back and relax the muscles of the back, the body and legs. Keep the angle of 90 ° between the thigh and calf, have legs elegant posture, you can put forward or on both sides.
Three, do not stay up.
You should make sure the enough sleep. Sleep, lack of time, not only will affect the skin, but also affect the shape. Daily sleep time should be about 8 hours. Stay up late, lack of sleep will slow down the body's metabolism, so that the body of toxins and excess waste is difficult to drain, leg are more likely to appear the phenomenon of obesity edema.
Four, keep your body balance.
Some people like the single shoulder bag or handbag, will shape produced ugly leg because an imbalance in the Centre of gravity for a long time. In order to adapt to change, the center of gravity, the body will naturally adjust to a position to maintain balance, under the condition that you do not pay attention, shoulders have already done something wrong.

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