Friday, May 27, 2011

The small child, eating healthy foods

at 8:37 PM
Children like to eat mallows, sweets and fatty foods. Like colas compared to milk. Hate really sleep because they want to play and play all day. But you know, moms can also act as persons in medical scrubs and make sure that your children will be eating healthy foods that are prepared for them.
If you think that giving them daily to feed with chicken or eggs every morning is a good thing, then you are definitely wrong. What children need as they grow and develop the bones are foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins from a zinc. As a person in dickies scrubs, you need to prepare all those healthy foods for your baby, your precious gem. As such, they are not only helping you to be healthy, now that he is still small, but there are also helping to develop this habit, until he grows old.
Having an immune system is so strong that begins when a person is still young. So, as a person in medical scrubs, you should always check the daily dietary intake of your child. Also make sure that they are always getting fat and lose weight even if only slightly, not sit back and relax. You have to do something. Can buy fruit over junk foods, or buy vegetables rather than chicken or beef. Sure, they will be healthier than ever.
If your children are rich in vegetables and fruits before consumption compared to those unhealthy, that will not be prone to illness and diseases. Due to the sudden change of weather, from sunny to rainy, rain and from sunny, your child may also suffer from flu, colds, coughs and other complications if left untreated outright. They can also lead to asthma. You know how difficult it is to have a child who suffers from asthma? Wow! It is really difficult. People who have children with the disease could easily sleep at night. Wakes up during the first hours only to nebulise their child. It is also so pathetic watching your child, he coughs repeatedly, with teary eyes, crying because he can't breathe easily.
Your next option is bringing him to the nearest hospital or pediatrician. Doctors in medical scrubs can also advise the child to undergo a physical examination. Upon diagnosis, you can get shocked because your child may already be suffering from pneumonia. It will be very difficult compared to other types of disease. It already has something to do with the lungs, so at a very early age, his body could not respond effectively on drugs.
So, it is much better to have a backgrounder on healthy foods for your baby.
What children eat should be priority number one of the parents. This can be done with the help of professional persons in medical scrubs as nutritionists and other health professionals.