Friday, May 27, 2011

Everlasting debate on stem cell technology

at 5:12 AM
Stem cells are these undifferentiated cells to distinguish different types of cells. The stem cells can be obtained from the bone marrow, parts of the body such as skin or brain and also in the umbilical cord babies. Today are scientists of embryonic stem cells in research. After Wisconsin University Medicine Professor, Dr. Timothy Kamp offer more understanding of diseases of the skin and its treatment methods for more embryonic stem cell research. In General, scientists embryos from in-vitro fertilization use Labs, which reject them usually derived. Such Labs embryo under Lab conditions in a Petri dish rather than where is the woman body generates.
It is a belief of critics of stem cell technology, that scientists these cells on non-preferable way derive. It implies that they that parents can questions, not more children to unnecessary embryos for research would like to have donations. In addition, can they obtain such cells from aborted fetus by signed a consent of the couple, who have previously decided termination of pregnancy. Mathew sands is the Director of the laws of pro - life Wisconsin. According to him, this approach leads to the destruction of the human embryo which in fact is destruction of people's lives.
The groups of Pro-activists believe that these embryonic stem cells transplantation offensive approach that must be completed as soon as possible. Sands also says that everyone would like to see research do progress for the treatment of diseases, but it not may save one life to man by killing. The opponents of this approach stem cell study said that Government should support such methods based on the killing. Is that aktivistischer per life group dedicated to adult stem cell study and its transplantation. The reason why they prefer is to use adult stem cells, because it does not cause damage. It can be extracted from bone marrow and many other adult tissues.
In addition, are also sure to extract from the umbilical cord or placenta without any killing. It is an ironic fact that adult cells do not, the more able to potential results when it showed embryonic cells show. Scientists are coming out with new methods of obtaining the cells. You are not this disclosure, as it is difficult to predict the reaction of the public. It has become a major political debate. It is the opinion of Dr. Kamp, who should be kept options open so that one can receive the best and safe treatment. However, the debate would be forever and it can not be estimated, if it really and what conclusion would end.
Scientists hope that by continuing the research in the field, she would come with awesome results. The Pro-activists are however concerned about the costs for the continuation of this research. You have the view that cost is much higher than the same benefits Porvdied during this study. It seems that the debate will continue. Both groups need to carefully analyze any of the other views and then find out, a new technology that is safe and free from controversy.