Friday, May 27, 2011

Targeting cancer stem cells scientists for advanced stem cell therapy of cancer patients

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A study in 2008 these basic structures are proposed, that it is possible that cancer could contain cancer SC. SC tumors in actual cell that can grow in different types of cells. Similar to the early cells that grow and then Division are the SC of cancer to increase the disease. The scientists hope to improve the SC treatments, especially on this today, it is cancerous SC. available large number of drugs that can completely destroy a large number of cancer cells.
There is another fact, that these cells are so powerful, that they still survive these treatments despite the. You even start growing again, which prevents that the health benefits the body. So, the discovery of cancer SC, specifically generated an interest in the development of these drugs for these cells. The scientists are quite enthusiastic about the idea, these drugs like this you are sure that bring many solutions for diseases for which still no cure was found. Robert A. Weinberg of MIT and Whitehead Institute for biomedical research is known to be an expert in this field. Piyush Gupta has large in the study of the current treatments of drug research, which is cancer stem cells. Weinberg worked in close conjunction with Piyush Gupta as well.
Today there are many cancer drugs, the effects on the functioning of working on their SC Gupta started this concept Piyush work for that project and sifted, about 16000 different connections to find specific drugs for stem cell therapy, stem cells aimed. As one of the research there was a that to light, antibacterial against the large number of SC of breast cancer can effectively fight. The antiseptic used was Salinomycin. In Oxford cancer research organization scientists have a modern method to obtain the samples of cancer SC of the intestinal cell lines developed. Used in the research proved were and cancer stem cells were isolated with biological markers.
Professor Bodmer, who led the investigation believes that work on cell make lines the research based on the analysis of samples of human example and animals in more convenient. Verastem is a pharmaceutical company, the research on how antibacterial in first treatment does does the objectives of the specific cancerous stem cells. The company also plans more 300,000 connections, screening to identify the additional alternatives which could these cells target. Similarly, there is another company that is completely in the stem cell research relating to cancer - OncoMed.
It is in CA, Redwood City their researchers in the research, which renew ways for itself reduce cancer stem cells the ability to discover are registered. Researchers have the opinion that in future it definitely leads to the development of different drugs, the safe as well as useful and have a target on cancer stem cells. It now has become clear that majority of cancerous stem cells may have a tumor.