Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally some good stem cell news for experts with induced pluripotent stem cells

at 3:18 AM
Is finally good news for the scientists and doctors engaged says in the study of induced pluripotent Stammzellen.Stammzelle news, which was published in National Academy of Sciences online procedure that induced pluripotente stem cells (IPS), that correction have gone through gene no high mutation in cancer causing genes have. The team that participated in this study, said that gene therapy with the shows genetically positives mutated cells of the patients themselves carried out.
Induced pluripotent cells are pluripotent cells, which are artificially derived from adult cells. It comprises chemicals, proteins or some genes that are similar to them reprogram embryonic cells. IPS cells are fully capable as any cell type in the human body become. As these cells are derived from the body of the patient, therefore, these cells will provide some advantages over the embryonic stem cells of the human body. It's like lesser rate of rejection by the patient's body and avoid so many problems. Secondly, it removes the current debate on the use of embryonic stem cells.
The research of scientists proves that these induced pluripotent stem cells carry lots of mutations with anonymous importance. The scientists are thus emphasis on studying the risk are declared rather than before they safely test on people by mutations. Thus, the stem cell therapy shows much be considerable. That are induced pluripotent cells from the patients with the genetic defect of derived. So, these cells will automatically be defected. On the other hand when used with the copy of the gene that works, it is a great way, which would grow such cells in some healthy tissue then. The website is safe for transplantation in the patients.
The Salk scientists are busy on the gene therapy approaches to use IPS cells Institute Dr. Indians Verma and Dr. Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte - both to. On the induced pluripotent cells extracted from the body of the patient suffer gyrate atrophy of the retina and Choroid has been carried out a study. It is a disease, which leads to loss gradually in the run and finally causes blindness. The target cells retinal pigment cells of retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) retina have induced pluripotent stem cells created in advance, were. Through various research studies have shown previously on animals, that such cells are very safe to use and to act as a shield.
The researchers have detailed study before and after the research to find out whether they produce additional mutations or variations in the cells. The research demonstrated that a significant burden of the mutation have induced pluripotent stem cells, which have been used. After the analysis of these results, which is recommended collection of mutation could reduce approaches not the clinical use of the target of gene. Although the broad characterization or the study of genes of previous IPS cell clones would be vital. Many experts have this opinion, that it needs large development in such studies and stem cell therapies before they continue to be used for trial in the medical field much.