Saturday, May 28, 2011

Exercise is a great way to keep your youth

at 11:36 AM
Are you tired of being tired? You find yourself on the couch or in your favorite chair, being a la-z-boy without energy you deserve to enjoy life?
Is as easy as 1-2-3 steps out the door and down the road. Go for a walk. Enjoy the gifts of the gods that surround you. You'll be amazed at the amount of energy that will receive a daily walk. Oxygen levels will increase, promoting a healthy immune system and help to eliminate toxins throughout the body. Accelerate metabolism, causing a loss of body fat and your general attitude will improve thanks to increased flow of some hormones that promote a positive mental attitude. Personally I use my time walking to clear my head and promote an appreciation for all of my environment.
Which is great, you've been walking and can feel the benefits from your effort. Now is the time to incorporate some form of resistance training into your weekly routine. The purpose of this form of exercise is slow atrophy going on in your body. This is the deterioration of your muscle tissue which begins some time in your mid-twenties. Men and women who do some form of resistance training start losing about half a pound of muscle per year while gaining about a year and a half pounds of fat in that very moment. Do the math, in 20 years you could lose 10 pounds of muscle and gain 30 pounds of fat. I know and you're right, life is not fair, but you can do something about it. Join a fitness centre with a spouse or friend and use or do as many of us do and workout at home. I developed a new revolutionary product resistance training that I use at home and on the road. I get my exercise done in 10 minutes. The exercises are simple and the results are amazing. The product called Slidercise, and is the first of its kind, designed to give men and women of all ages with a full body workout. To see Slidercise in action, visit us at
No matter what route you go, the most important thing to do is start today. I don't care if its inflections and a walk, because before you include exercise in your daily routine, as before it will start looking better, feeling better and become the best.
The concept, we are all created with some talents; ranging from gift of compassion or a listening ear to mathematical knowledge and mastery of the native language. If we are lucky enough to use these skills on a daily basis for helping others is sometimes beyond our control. By our choice of occupations and friends to our Registrar and financial comfort, all of these can affect where we use our gifts.
It was not until I lost all of these that I decided to apply the talents that I had been neglected for many years. This decision led me to create one of the best products of resistance training on the market-Slidercise. This product of revolutionary resistance training is supported by a website designed to help each of us to achieve our goals and ultimately, be happy with who we are. It's funny how things work out this way, a blessing in disguise and all.
It is my belief that we were put on this earth for more joyful moments than painful. When this doesn't happen, we should be given the opportunity to reassess our situation and make a change that creates a positive outcome. From battles with weight control for bouts of depression, everyone has something that tries to bring them. So it's nice to know that there is so much useful information on the internet to help us bring back to life.
My goal is to help as many people as possible with their personal situations or direct them to someone who can. The problem might be held by staff using your God given talents to help someone who really needs you.