Saturday, May 28, 2011

Four movements can help you relieve Stress

at 7:49 PM
We often things sad or angry, but we don't know how to release, there are four movements can help reduce aches and pains. It is very worth a try.
We will modify it through movement when physicists have needs. The movement is an active dialogue with our body. But when the soul has requested, we are often at a loss. There is a sport that can reduce the pain?
Our heart is like the flower more fragile. There are shadows, an inferiority complex. To get rid of troubles, just take some effective campaign.
Jogging is the experience of intellectual beauty. This is the strength of the heart and can delete impatience and clear your mind.
Jogging from 20 to 30 minutes, can promote brain secrete a substance is similar to morphine, bring a pleasant feeling. Long jogging, can help avoid arrogance, eliminate bad habits. You can go downstairs, in the community or in the Park to enjoy a period of travel.
Swimming, it can relieve your minds and realize something.
The forces of the heart are eliminating the depression.
Water give us a sense of security. As if we return to the parent body, a variety of pressures and sad, but we do not know how to dialogue with hear? Try to be a fish. In a swimming pool blue, let us review the internal hydrophilic. You can close your eyes and feel the water close to your body, you can search for the blue sky. Make movements of Exchange with the heart, you must be the happiest and siren.
Golf, the strength of the heart is to reduce stress and depression.
Green plants are not only relaxed nervous, but also a powerful sedative effect also ease pressure on the heart. Hospitals in many countries, the walls are painted pale green, which is the best way to channeled sorrows. Golf is called healthy green movement, swing substantially, twist the body for coordinating and look far into the distance, will bring a new world.
Tennis, it takes away from an unhappy woman.
His hear force remove them angry, reduce self repression.
Tennis is the ideal to vent their emotions and reinvigorated. After a deep breath, then hit the ball to go out as open resentment and anger. Relevant for each shot, adjust the attitude of doing the simplest action, hitting every ball, if we use the same spirit of tackling the problems of life, all I can do well.
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