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Generic drugs can save millions of lives by bringing Breakthrough medicines affordable for customers

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Generic drugs play an important role in making the best of medicines to be sold to those who cannot afford branded versions. The pharmaceutical industry invests heavily in the development of new drugs that carry forward breakthrough cures for various diseases. Sunk costs in these R&D varies in millions of dollars and the recovery of these investments must be ensured, to encourage the industry to continue with such investments to new drug developments. That is why the company innovation has patent rights to the drug, which gives them a supply monopoly right for more than 10-15 years from the moment that the drug is approved. The period of patent allows the company to price high enough for the recovery of the costs incurred in the development of many years of experimentation drug innovation. Since no other company can produce during this period, consumers are forced to drugs with a high purchase price, since there are other competing products. But when the market generic versions of drugs, these are made available to a reasonably low prices, making them an option convenient.
What are generics?
A generic drug is the result of a drug, produced by reverse engineering innovation mark. The process of reverse engineering enables companies to identify the principles of active and passive ingredients in composition, thus able to replicate and produce it. Since these companies did not invest in costly research and development to experiment and discover drugs, do not have such a cost to recover. Therefore, their base is relatively very low cost and allows them to evaluate the product to nearly 70% cheaper than the branded drug innovation. These generic types of drugs that are introduced into the market after a patent has expired are no different from patented drugs. Works the same way, have the same effects, have the same active ingredients as patented drugs and were tested by the FDA. The only difference is that generics cannot be given the same name as the drug innovation and should therefore adopt a name derived active principles.
Generic drugs in Canada
There are many Canadian online drug companies that provide users with the ability to buy generic drugs for low prices. In Canada laws stipulate that a generic drug be priced much lower than his counterpart named mark. This makes buying affordable generic drugs to its citizens. In addition, most drugs that are in the form of drug plan have generic type.
Types of generic drugs and their brand names
There is a generic drug to treat most types of illness, as well as his counterpart of the brand. In order to save money, users must remember to at least some of these drugs so that they can make use of savings.

• Lipitor-Lipitor is a drug used to lower cholesterol LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Its generic name is atorvastatin calcium. How to lower your cholesterol is important in order to prevent heart disease, most people who take high levels of cholesterol Lipitor or generic forms.
• Viagra Sildenfil-Citrate, also known as Viagra and Revatio is marketed by Pfizer is a breakthrough drug taken for erectile dysfunction. This drug is still under patent, which will expire in 2012. Currently there is no generic Viagra.
• Advair-Advair, also known as Fluticasone and Salmeterol, its generic name, given to asthma patients. This drug is available in the form of various generic forms, which allows patients to breathe easier than opens the airway.
• Generic Tylenol Tylenol-paracetamol is named, which is used for fever and pain. This is one of the most common generic drugs used by people all over the world.

There are many online pharmacies Canada, providing consumers the chance to buy brand and generic drugs for a price lower than what is available in pharmacies. The Canadian Government allows Canadian producers to produce generic versions for the next part of the patent period, accelerating the process of getting to market generic versions. This yields more social benefits and Canadian pharmacies offer these medicines to consumers at surprisingly low prices.
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