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Long Acting insulin can control blood sugar levels up to 24 hours

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People who suffer from diabetes are prescribed insulin injections, as to the severity of blood sugar levels. This is especially the case for type 1 diabetes take insulin shots are a daily requirement. Insulin injections are required to compensate for deficient insulin that the body does not produce. Insulin is a necessity to ensure that the food taken is converted into energy, when a person has a deficiency of insulin will have to make sure that the correct dosage of insulin is taken in order to stabilize the blood sugar spikes and be absorbed into blood cells. A diabetic person must therefore take several insulin shots a day. With long acting insulin, the patient may have blood sugar levels stable between meals and throughout the night.
Long acting insulin task
There are three types of insulin that a diabetic patient can be administered with, depending on the lifestyle of a person and the type of diabetes. Among these meals, insulin, insulin, which is also known as long-acting insulin and a mixture of both. Long-acting insulin is given between meals. This is because a person with diabetes will need to check his blood sugar between meals. With the long-acting insulin, glucose is safe to enter the flow of blood and cells 24 hours. This is because it is absorbed more slowly than short-acting insulin or insulin after meals. Long-acting insulin is commonly given to children and adults with type 1 diabetes.
Types of long acting insulin available
There are many different types of long-acting insulin injections. The right one for the patient depends on their doctor's prescription. Users should never try and test new types and dosages of these injections.
• Novolog insulin-this type of insulin is ideal for young and old. Once this injection is taken, a patient will be able to eat within 5-10 minutes. It must be said that patients who do not plan to eat at this time, refrain from making this shot until they do. Because it is an injection that is given to control high blood sugar, if there is no spike in blood sugar within the span of time, the patient can become hypoglycemic and even lose consciousness as a result the drug reducing glycaemia below acceptable levels. As there may be side effects such as swelling in the area of injection and allergic reactions, users should take cautions before injecting themselves with medicine and the reaction of the body. Any adverse reactions shall be notified immediately to the doctor.
• Lantus-Lantus is another drug for the treatment of diabetes that can be used by adults and children. This medication helps control your blood sugar up to 24 hours and needs to be injected only once a day. This injection as with all other types of drugs should only be taken as prescribed. Possible side effects of Lantus include redness in the area injected. However, if the feeling hungry, faintish or any other discomfort, it is best to consult a doctor immediately.
• Levemir-Levemir is too long acting insulin injection, which can be used by adults and children. It is also recommended for adults with type 2 diabetes. Its action is based on 24 hours and the injection can stabilize blood sugar for an entire day with the injection. Levemir has few side effects which users should be aware and of these the most common are diarrhea, hypertension, low blood sugar and weight gain. This drug insulin can be kept up to 42 days after the opening if kept at room temperature or chilled.

With long acting insulin injections patients diabetic type are significantly raised from having to inject several times a day with short acting insulin shots. Forgetting some of the multiple shots is one of the common problems with short-acting insulin administration. Translates into multiple signs of cock. Therefore, long-acting insulin brings many benefits to diabetics, especially those who suffer from an early age.
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