Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to stay fit during pregnancy

at 3:49 AM
Pregnancy is one of the best points in life for women which will care for a new life that they have carried on for nine months. At that time, a pregnant woman will be undergoing some challenges and obstacles they must overcome in order to provide their child in a safe and healthy. So close, supervision and careful preparation is needed for a woman to deliver a healthy baby with no anomalies or discrepancies.
However, there are some physical and hormonal changes that the experience of a pregnant woman. Some of these changes are broadening their belly, darkening parts of their skin, gaining weight, among others. Although women experience gratitude and happiness because they bring their baby inside the womb, they cannot be avoided which most likely would experience insecurity about their appearance. These physical changes during pregnancy makes a woman feel bad in this regard, in particular the problem of weight gain. Most pregnant women have problems when it comes to weight gain, because others may have a tendency to excess weight gain.
This problem is not difficult to solve, and a pregnant woman can be beautiful and stay in shape while being pregnant. Although it is a common notion that being pregnant is fat and unattractive, but this does not mean that one can't do something about it. Exercise while pregnant is not contraindicated. Well, here are some of the ways on how to be in the form during pregnancy:
1. Be active and stay active. Being pregnant does not mean that you should avoid doing physical activity. Have an exercise, if not contraindicated by the doctor. There are several exercises and physical activities that your doctor recommends considering the safety of your baby and pregnancy. Know your limitations when to stop working out. Make sure all physical activity during pregnancy will help you to stay in shape.
2. Maintain the level of fitness within limits. Don't strain yourself while exercising. Exercise for at least three or four times a week to gain the benefits from exercise. Get in the habit and do so throughout the period of pregnancy.
3. seek medical help. Before doing this procedure, consult your physician regarding physical activities that are safe for you. Have regular check-ups for you to be monitored by your doctor through the course of pregnancy.
4. avoid overeating. Being pregnant does not mean that you should take everything you want. It is not a reason to eat more than you need to nurture your child. Gaining too much weight during pregnancy could lead to complications or having delivery problems. Eat healthy foods and avoid processed foods and junk.
5. check your weight. Ask your doctor about the right weight during pregnancy. You must know that the overweight woman who is pregnant has risk of pregnancy induced hypertension which would give a risk in your pregnancy.
6. Drinking adequate liquids. Hydrate yourself before, during and after exercise. You must take an additional amount, since it will be necessary to keep you and your baby. It is better to bring a bottle of water despite having exercise.
Be fit while pregnant succeeds if you have the willpower and discipline inside of themselves. It is your duty to take care of yourself while keeping yourself healthy during pregnancy for you and your child's safety.

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