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Military training-Total Body Fitness routine

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The first words that come to mind when it comes to describe military exercises are smart, intelligent, fitness, diet plan, smart people and how calisthenic exercises.
I must say that I have always been a great admirer of military training. Better said, I admire the incredible fitness form that you get from these total bodyweight workouts.
If you are interested in building a lean, lean, muscular body and buff, the following lines will help you to understand what to do to get your physique.
If we talk about training of army, Navy training, training of special forces or Marine training, all have in common a few things.
Firstly, military exercises are overall development programmes of the body.
You will receive an incredible physical lean, muscular and without fat. These are fitness routines of body weight that will develop and strengthen all muscles. They include all the muscles that are often ignored, like the neck, forearms, calves and rear deltoids. The result is a body with very harmonious proportions.
Secondly, all these military exercises are routine body weight. The cool thing about training using your body weight is that you're in tune with nature. Gym machine will only some muscle, in complete isolation. Therefore, the other muscles of the body remains as weak as they were before.
Strong, lean muscles and fans who get routines BW are much stronger and healthier. The explanation is that these exercises strengthen our whole body from the core. When we first mentioned military training, we work all over our body, muscles, organs and glands.
Thirdly, the military exercises have proven the fat loss workouts. There is no better way of building a harmonious body fat, buff, athletic, and more using our tonic body weight as resistance. A quick glance at the bodies of soldiers or gymnasts will show us how our physical muscular and lean can become when you use a training program.
Fourthly, the military exercises are routine training high-intensity strength. These routines BW are not just for the army, Navy and special forces. However, this does not mean that they are for everyone. You must be in decent physical shape to enjoy an intense workout.
Last summer, I trained for three weeks with a Navy Seal instructor and I must say that it was difficult and very intense. However, was not as extreme as thought it would be.
Because I was able to complete my training sessions? Just because I was in good physical condition because of my previous training.
I must say that the fitness workout that I followed the last 16 months is actually quite similar to the training of the Navy. It is designed to be ideal for busy people, but that is short and intense, the results are stunning. Since I started the program 16 months ago, I lost more than 50 pounds of fat and I got lean and muscular physique that I always wanted.
However, due to similarities, I dug deeper into the matter and discovered that my routine of training-fitness program of BW I successfully, actually was adopted, in its advanced form by the army.
Special Congrats to my friends, Steve and Ross. Although they were overweight at the time, I helped them form for four months and have successfully passed all the necessary military requirements. They now serve in the army.
The best part is that you can also start my training at any time, regardless of your current physical condition. You can do because the eligibility procedure of body weight that use pays particular attention to beginners, as they are the ones who need more guidance as they adapt to fitness training.
I'm sure I've awoken your interest in discovering the benefits of total body fitness routines provided by military training.
So, if you want, you can take a point were you as fit as a marine, a Navy seal or an army ranger.
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