Sunday, May 15, 2011

How your diet can affect your vision

at 7:42 AM
Were aware that a suitable diet is not only good for your health, but it may improve your eyesight as well? It is well known, but often overlooked the fact. A sensible diet with exercise is good for your health which, in turn, helps keep your eyes in good working order.
The diet plan consists of a lot of fruits and vegetables, dairy products and proteins. To try to add more fish protein in your diet, the Omega-3 fatty acids that are good for mental focus, and the whole brain in General. Dairy products are good, unless they are pasteurized and homogenized milk because they tend to clog the arteries and restrict the movement of the eyes. Vegetables most favourable are carrots, bean sprouts, cucumber, spinach, Endive and celery.

From time to time we all feel the need to splurge, but too deep fried and processed foods can lead to significant problems on Vista and health. Stay with foods that are loaded with vitamins A, B, C, D, and these are what you need. A few other goodies that are a good source of nutrients may be sunflower seeds, raisins, walnuts, soy beans, liver and apricots.
The body has its own system of pH balance to help maintain an equal amount of acid and alkaline. Too much uric acid causes the crystals to form around joints that cause arthritis. This same acid also causes damage to the muscles in and around the eyes. The body needs of fruits, vegetables, cereals and products of animal origin to maintain this balance. To lower the amount of acid in the body of a person needs more fruits and vegetables; cereals and products of animal origin acid increased. The goal is to find a happy balance between them. Most people don't eat enough fruits and vegetables, so this would surely be a good starting point.
Find the correct combination of foods that you eat together will help the body break down what you eat and Digest nutrients effectively. Too many carbohydrates taken with protein such as meat and potatoes, can make it difficult for the body break down making it feel as if foods are just sitting on the intestine. Proteins should be mixed with vegetables, meat and salad. The body will be able to break down easily and the proper amount of nutrients will be absorbed.

What it boils down to is that people do not need to continue to spend money for opticians and glasses prescription expensive that just keep getting stronger, while the eyes grow weaker. Perfect 20/20 vision is to reach, regardless of how you're young or old. Get the charge of your health and how to improve eyesight and eye exercises