Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rapid weight loss is a good Idea?

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There are 1,001 reasons for people to lose weight fast: a wedding, a party, a birthday party, a show or presentation and the like. There are a lot of diet plans that promise quick results, but can be harmful to your health, even if you should succeed.

Effects of crash diets
In addition, the skin tends to be slower than your body, which brings about wrinkles and haggardness. Stop the diet will regain the weight loss, so it might seem a futile. When you go on a crash diet, how do you want to lose weight fast, it is subjecting your body to a lack of glycogen and water that results in rapid weight loss. But there are also subject to dehydration, which can cause gallstone problems possibly later in your life.

When the body is put into starvation mode, you will lose muscle as fat. Most muscles translate to higher metabolism; less muscle, lowered metabolism that results in a weight loss slowing trajectory. This in turn determines the onset of migraine headaches, insomnia, irritability, diarrhea and fatigue.

This discourages your weight loss program and resume the weight that is lost. Therefore, statistics have proven true that very few Americans could maintain their weight loss for a long time.

Realistic goals
You may want to consider a reasonable goal that is achievable, as a short-term goal, where a few pounds could be lost easily on a weekly basis before embarking on a long-term goal to look like Victoria Beckham.

For a loss of one pound per week, one must give up 500 calories each day to maintain weight, which is the same as the preceding 2 chocolate bars or an almond croissant. Foregoing the junk food, such as full of sugar, crisps, fizzy animal fats and fluids, it is essential to create the change of lifestyle.

Go to a lot of fruit, cereals, vegetables, lean meat and fish that can be served through tantalizing recipes. That should be good motivation to consume more of the healthy stuff. A lot of water and small meals is useful for keeping your body in good condition, while you're watching your weight. An occasional indulgence goes well, it is also a glass of wine.

In the exercise
As you eat, you will also need to release the fat in some other way; the best way is to burn calories through exercise, which can be simple exercises like walking, biking or swimming if you're not a fan of the gym.

These are simple but effective ways to lose weight without harming your body and your health. A slow and steady pace will help you reach your goal just as the tortoise won the race.
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