Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is hair loss affecting your confidence?

at 4:31 PM
All signs of aging are intended to affect you and your overall personality, which in turn will affect the way you interact with people and feel about yourself in social situations. While women are mostly stressed on wrinkles and gray hair, men are worried about losing their braids. Let's us take on hair loss and find some solutions that can help tackle baldness without ruining your confidence.
First things first
Don't expect to look young and attractive for the rest of your life. Accept that gracefully changes and instead of fretting over them, change your attitude towards them. It is understandable that you are worried about losing their hair but worrying won't help much. You need to meet the Chief problem on and do something about it.
Find a solution
Every problem has a solution, and now the medical field has advanced so much that we can handle even big problems such as AIDS and cancer. Find a solution to your problems baldness has never been easier. Simply Google ' hair loss treatments and you'll find millions of results and hundreds of treatments, right from home remedies through surgery and laser devices.
Feel free to ask
Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the wide range of treatments offered, ask around. People have taken the time out and given their valuable inputs on various review sites. Take some time to read these comments and then form an opinion. If you still do not reach a conclusion, ask an expert skin hair & or post a question on the forum to discuss these issues.
Faithfully follow a treatment
Once you settle on treatment and buy it, make sure you follow all directions and at the end of the course. Many people use treatments as directed when they start, but after a few months or so, lose the motivation to stick to such treatment. No treatments will give you results if you do not follow until the end.
False hopes it will be de-moralise
Most people have unrealistic expectations, with their hair loss treatments. No treatment will help you to grow hair overnight. Also, don't be critical about the results. Some people experience amazing benefits, while some see only marginal difference. Take a picture in your head before you start the treatment and then compare the results.
Giving cheaper alternatives
A decade ago, Propecia pills or topical minoxidil lotion would be the best solutions for hair loss, but today we have truly revolutionary hairmax lasercomb. These products use LLLT (low level laser technology) and are completely safe, unlike Propecia and minoxidil. Initially, you might find them pricey as you need to make a large one-time investment, but soon you will realize that it is better to invest in a good product rather than trying to various food products or expensive prescriptions.
Side note: while there are many laser Combs on the market, including cheaper as high-end versions, you must go with any of HairMax comb, as they are all proven clinically tested and approved by the FDA as well.
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