Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Steps for healthy hair

at 4:35 PM
Have you ever had one of their bed days head? Of course we all have them, they are usually the most inappropriate times ever, before an important meeting or event that you have to attend formal etc. Well after having this problem a few months ago and in panic all day because my hair just might not go right, I started to examine how to have healthy hair with home remedies and principles that could attack to stop always bad hair days once and for all.
After doing some research and asking my friend who is a professional hair stylist for celebrities, I had a list of the steps that I followed. After 3 months following the procedure my hair went to look fragile, dry and frizzy super silky, smooth and glossy and believe that this is achieved only by a few simple steps are amazing. The steps that I followed if you want the same results as me are below:
1. when it comes to shampoo and conditioning hair make sure you use one that is suited to your hair type. You do not want to shampoo and conditioner for hair like this often can strip the natural oils from the hair becoming dry and scaly (dandruff).
2. brush your hair when it is dry and wet. If you are one of many that brushes or combs his hair when wet, this is bad practice, as this is when the hair is more likely to break.
3. If you have split ends there is no product that can correct them. The best option is to cut them yourself, or go to a hair salon and let them cut every few weeks.
4. apply olive oil on the hair of night wash away the next day. If you do this, be careful how olive oil can get on most objects, which makes them fat.
5. Mixing some lime juice with coconut oil and applied to hair every few weeks. This is a great treatment for dull and tired looking hair.
6. the last and most important step is to eat a well-balanced diet with a high intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat a balanced diet will help as well contains many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the health of hair.
7. taking a vitamin supplement that contains biotin is rumoured to help hair growth, I've found that helps me, but this is controversial and it is your choice.