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Learning age

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Looking as good as you feel!

Zrii has a big impact on my skin, and for many others.
Looking good on the outside is very important, it helps you to boost your self-esteem and confidence on the inside.

You are worthy. You do deserve the best!

Remember, how you face yourself is how you face others.

Take care of your body, start living healthy, to prevent illness and to stay young.

Respect yourself and your body, if you want to improve your live and the lives of those around you - you can choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

As a wife and mother we always think about our family - not much about ourselves.
Think to yourself:

Who do I want to be, if I am 70 years old?

Where do I want to live, if I am 70 years old?

How do I want to look, if I am 70 years old?

The real medicine our bodies need is medicine for our awareness.
You need to be aware of your body, mind and spirit.
I need to talk about illness, so you will be able to prevent it.

If you are sick - you will say: I try anything.

What we are all doing - more or less - every day, is deposit toxins in our body's through improper diet.
Those toxins lead to more rapid aging, and ultimately kill our cells.

The time you need to help your body to stay healthy,
is 10 seconds every day to drink 3 ounces of zrii.


You all know, you should exercise, do yoga, meditate, get a good night sleep - but who is doing all this.
I would like to give you reasons, why you should do them.
If you have a reason - it's easier for your mind to tell your body to do it!
So we start with:


As we age, our bodies lose muscle mass and replace it with fat.
At the age of 65, almost ½ the body weight of both men and women is fat, double what it was in our twenties.

Exercise regularly! This is one of the best ways to avoid stagnation and the build-up of toxins in your body.

Muscle mass, along with strength, is critical - that by building muscles late in life, old people can significantly rejuvenate their whole physiology.

You will feel much younger and much better about yourself than in years.
It is also vital that exercise give more energy that is takes, a consideration that people tend to ignore.

Exercising for fitness is not the same as exercising for health.
You need an average of 180 calories to burn a day.

This can be achieved by:

30 min dancing 30 min walking 20 min tennis 17 min uphill hiking 15 min swimming 40 min housecleaning 30 min garden work 25 min mowing the lawn 15 min shoveling snow

So ask yourself:
What fits my busy schedule better, exercising ½ hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?


There are Yoga DVD's and Books if you don't want to leave the house. Everyday of your life, do some yoga for only 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening.
That means: just stretch yourself: upper body and lower body.
You will be amazed how flexible you can become in a very short time.
You need to learn to be aware of your body.
Feel all the bones and muscles in your body, when you do the stretches.


When you learn to be aware of your body-mind and spirit, and you learn not to age,
All those 3 parts are important.
So if you don't nurture your spirit, a big part in your life is missing.
You can't be afraid of dying, if you want to learn not to age.
How can you learn not to be afraid of death?
I suggest for you: start going to a church.
Those of you that are already spiritual, you shouldn't be afraid of death.


Could stop smoking any time - if I wanted to!
Do you have any addictions?
Try it - if you can be without it! Don't fool yourself.
You need to know your body!
See your body as a temple and be careful what you put into it!


Now I will tell you very exiting news!
A researcher Dr. Wallace found that meditation made the people biologically younger than their years, and by a considerable amount:
The short-term meditators were 5 years younger than their chronological age,
the long-term meditators a full 12 years younger.
In other words, a woman of 60 who had been practicing meditation for at least 5 years would typically have the body of a 48-year-old, biologically speaking.
Follow-up studies in England confirmed his research.
We can say that a year of meditation takes off a year of biological age.
Try to do a few minutes of meditation every morning and evening.


Studies found, that not eating red meat was correlated with a slightly younger biological age. Also various findings on the longer life span of people who are vegetarians.
Try to avoid too much high-fat food like red meat, milk, cheese, ice cream and eggs.


We are aging very slowly. It goes gradually forgetting how to make things right after they go wrong.
There are aches and pains, new wrinkles around the eyes and deeper smile marks at the corner of the mouth, a faint loss of hearing and eyesight, and innumerable other minor inconveniences.
But our bodies have a healing power!
Our body has the ability and intelligence to repair itself. If you have a broken bone - your body fixes the damage. If you cut yourself - your body takes care of it and heals himself in a very short time.
So if you feed your body the right nutrition, your body gets help, to heal itself.
That's what zrii is doing for all of us.
You can ask any of us, zrii helped our bodies to repair themselves, to bring our body, mind and spirit back into balance.
Studies show, that people who have balanced lifestyle habits, live up to 11 years longer than the norm.

You can also use Aroma Therapy or music as medicine.
If you want to lower your blood pressure, listening to soft, slow classical music is considered very good medicine.

In Ayurvedic science some very special herbs are classified as RASAYANA.
The word translates as: "putting in the essence of life".
The Indian gooseberry called Amalaki is considered an extremely good RASAYANA.
Amalaki, the main ingredient in zrii, forms the basis of most of the health tonics that have been taken since ancestral times in India.
The classic Ayurvedic texts define 100 years as a normal life span without infirmity or disease.
We should all aiming for at least that.
Studies suggest that RASAYANAS may be effective as free radical scavengers which positively impact the aging process.
It's a lifestyle that you choose!


I would like to talk to also about mental toxins that we need to avoid.
Mental toxin is the term used for impurities, or negative tendencies in the mind.

You need to find solutions, if you are confronted with any of these problems.
The debate over whether it is morally right to show violence on TV misses the essential point, according to Ayurveda. The issue is one of health. The sight of violence gets translated into unhealthy chemicals in the body, leading to the build-up of toxins in our thoughts as well as in our cells. Everyone has a right to expose himself to any kind of influence he wants, but our role is to warn against those influences that damage our well-being. Avoiding mental toxins is therefore considered a preventive measure against the imbalances that lead ultimately to disease.


Start off the day relaxed with massaging your body.
People who approach the day as a race against time do not have the best chance at perfect balance - and perfect health.
The skin contains 1000s of skin nerves that are connected to every part of the body. Science also recognizes that the skin is a major producer of endocrine hormones.
In scientific terms, your morning massage works by soothing the 2 master systems of the body, the nervous system and the endocrine system. - Those make you happy!
It rejuvenates the skin, tones the muscles, eliminates impurities, and promotes youthfulness.

The decisions you make in terms of your basic happiness and fulfillment are therefore exactly the ones that determine how you age.


The next very important part that I would like to talk about is: stress!
Modern life is full of external stressors that cannot be avoided. If your body is under stress, your body keeps secreting cortisol and adrenaline, there hormones function to break down tissue, and extended release of them leads to disease.

So you can think about the events that trigger your stress.
Examine it - and if you look closely - you can find a way to break it down!

By increasing your inner intelligence, by enhancing your happiness and fulfillment, you can defeat aging in a lasting, meaningful way.
The responsibility for changing your awareness lies with each individual.

Zrii helps your body to be more efficient and less prone to breakdowns.

Sabine Tull 39 years young, mother of 1 daughter; 10 years old, married to a dream husband! Moved with the family 9 years ago from Germany to Canada, BC. Working in the health business since 1985. Since 2008 living in PROSPERITY, loving to spend time reading and writing about health issues. [http://www.StopYourAging.com]