Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Male impotence treatment-how to deal with male impotence

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Male impotence is an umbrella term that includes various problems men sex. Problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido and inability to make the female partner pregnant are few and well known of them. However, in General, male impotence is correlated with erectile dysfunction. This can be simply defined as the inability of men to have erections and retain them, unless the sexual activity is over.

Unfortunately, all men aren't blessed with potency. The reasons for erectile dysfunction are many hormonal imbalance or insufficiency, dislike the opposite sex partner, sexual weakness, weakness of sexual organs, etc. Depending on the cause, male impotence is treated – for example, if there is insufficient hormonal supplements, additional men sex hormones are given. Similarly, if there is sexual weakness, thanks to which man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, internal and external therapy that increases the strength and power of the male reproductive organ is taken.

Nature has endowed with lots of herbs that have aphrodisiac properties. These herbs are used for internal and external therapies as well. Herbs like ashwagandha, guduchi, Shilajit, mucuna, Butea are considered very useful in treating male impotence. Humans can go for that single herb or supplement can go for some formula containing the mixture of the above mentioned herbs. The market is full of male enhancement products and supplements that help increase male libido, increase sexual potency and increase the number of sperms and the volume.

Many healthcare providers believe that holistic exercises like Yoga, Pranayama and meditation help to treat male impotence. In addition, alternative therapies such as massage, Thai massage, Chinese medicine and acupuncture/Acupressure is also reported to have beneficial effects on the male reproductive system and its organs. The therapies that strengthen pelvic muscles and genital organ are also believed to be useful in the treatment of male impotence, or erectile dysfunction. Kegel exercise is one of those physical training that helps strengthen the muscles that play significant role in the movements of sexual activity.

Male impotence can be addressed well when internal therapies are followed with proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Dark green leaf vegetables, fresh fruit, etc. should be included in the diet routine. In addition, man must renounce any kind of consumption of alcohol or tobacco. This is because they all, in one way or another, lead to male impotence.

In many cases of male impotence, cooperation on the part of the sexual partner is required. This is important as mental counseling is also an important part in treating men sex problems, such as male impotence. The man is to be believed and supported by his sexual partner. This is because in many cases, the mental stress, anxiety and depression can interfere with human sexuality and may give rise to problems of sex as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido and weak erections.

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