Monday, May 30, 2011

Metabolism over 40-it is not too late to lose weight

at 8:39 AM
Develop a slow metabolism after turning 40 is a fact. Is not a myth or an excuse. After turning 40 years metabolism decreases in speed, approximately 5% every ten years. Fortunately, should not mean the end to see the results or lose your figure. There is something you can do about it.
Reasons for a slow metabolism
1. . Your parents did gain weight in their forties and fifties? How about your grandparents? You can't do anything to change your genetic, but you can plan ahead. Know what to expect at your relatives will help you understand exactly how much additional effort is put to see the results.
2. thyroid Operation. Complications of thyroid can make you gain weight at a slow pace, but unfortunately it happens. Women face the thyroid issues much more than men from about 10 to 1.
3. Losing muscle Mass. Start losing muscle mass slowly after hitting 25-30 by around 1% per year, if there are no weightlifting to maintain muscle mass. Muscle burns calories but not only speeds up the metabolism. On top of that, having muscle tones the body and makes you appear more suitable.
4. Increase Stress. When you get older the life becomes more complicated. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which slows the metabolism. Stress triggers cravings, overeating storage, fat and raises your blood sugar levels, causing fatigue.
5. is decreased activity. When people get older they accumulate injuries and conditions that force them to exercise less and with a reduced intensity.
What can be done on a slowing metabolism to lose weight?
1. Eat less. Reduce by 100-200 calories per day. This will be compensated for the decrease of 5% in your resting metabolic rate.
2. Eat food digests very quickly. The last thing you want is food sitting inside you all day. Remember, Digest food faster, less fat is stored. Eat lots of vegetables, fruit and yogurt. Eat more protein and carbohydrate to reduce. If you have a drink with dinner, start by reducing the intake of alcohol by half glass at night. You can still enjoy a little wine, but a slight reduction will make a big difference over time.
3. Changing your lifestyle. Walk more. Instead of sitting with friends, while you talk, walk and talk instead. Take your kids indoor climbing instead of at the movies. Store out of the House rather than on-line. Or even try cycling to work. Basically just accumulate more activity in your daily routine. All those calories add up!
4. Lifting weights. This is so important. Always recommend this to everyone, no matter what age. Weightlifting, speed up your metabolism. I can't say anything with certainty. Weight lifting does not mean being muscular. Do you mean tonic, with strong bones and more energy. To begin, lift a weight that's heavy enough for preforms 12-15 repetitions with. If you go above 21 repetitions, getting heavier weights.
5. Change your workout. New routine always shook his body to change. Trying something new is fun and effective. If you walk, try cycling. If you are running, try a yoga for runners. If you want an intensive workout, but they cannot take the joints, try swimming.
Many people have started exercising after 40 and have seen amazing results. Some go to compete in fitness competitions competitive athletic events. Over 40 doesn't mean the end of your journey to fitness! Just take it one step at a time and change your lifestyle habits to work with a new resting metabolic rate.
Be fit over 40!
Kaleena Lawless
Personal training specialist in Toronto