Monday, May 30, 2011

Weight loss after menopause

at 8:00 AM
Hormonal changes are not necessarily the main reason for the increase in weight in menopausal women. While hormonal factors in weight gain, lifestyle is another important aspect that affect changes in weight.
In order to be healthy and to maintain an ideal weight during menopause is necessary to adapt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. From the years of observation, I noticed that the reason of weight gain in postmenopausal women is a change of lifestyle: they exercise less, however, that consume the same amount of calories. The problem is that weight gain is not just an aesthetic problem, can cause a lot of health problems. For example, women who gain about 20 pounds after menopause are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Other health problems of weight gain are joints and knees, lower back problems, diabetes, heart and lung problems.
If you don't pay much attention to your diet and exercise regimen during the first years of your life, which is of enormous importance to do so now. Here are some simple guidelines:
1. pay attention where the calories: they are from red meat or carrots? This will make a huge difference in a way that you look and feel. Choose the right foods is a factor that contributes to weight loss and better health. Make healthier choices and lose weight.
2. the exercise is extremely important, especially as we age. Be sure to weight training, aerobics and stretching activities. This can be achieved through resistance training, aquafit classes, weightlifting, running, walking or aerobics classes, stretching, Pilates classes or yoga. There are many activities to chose from that incorporate all the important components of the exercise. They will help you to be in shape, lose weight and healthy.

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Lynn Alex is a Certified nutritional and weight loss consultant, Life-Skills Coach. She is an American Board Certified holistic health practitioner.