Friday, June 10, 2011

5 most important things you can do to stay healthy

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In my previous article, the five most important things you can do to Stay Healthy, I focused primarily on the appearance of the prevention of health eating in staying healthy. At this time, I will focus on the behavioral component in a healthy life. A healthy lifestyle has a strong behavioural component and the relationship that you must take control of.

Health condition is often caused by unhealthy eating, smoking and our level of physical activity and behavior. The common thread here is human behavior that largely is causally involved in the main organic disorders. In fact, studies have shown that half of all organic disease that patients have psychological factors among the fundamental causes.

In this context, let's look at the five most important things you can do to stay healthy:

1. know that the physical and mental health.
To get the maximum enjoyment out of life, should continue the care and feeding of your body and your mind. Symptoms of stress in your life must be understood in the context of the whole body, not just the immediate area. Thinking to health as a goal for your body and your mind. Doctors are patients with physical complaints that they received a combination of physical and mental therapies were two and a half times more likely to make a successful recovery of long-term patients who receive treatment for physical condition.

2. Stop Worrying. You can worry on your health.
Feeling out of control, feeling a sense of fear and feel a sense of inadequacy are threats to your requirements, as well as threats to your health habits. When we feel vulnerable, we are more likely to turn unhealthy and excessive behaviors as a convenience to our feelings and less likely to maintain healthy life habits. However, the relief is quite temporary, while the health effects are lasting. Doctors found that the people who experience high levels of anxiety were up to seven times more likely than bad habits health practice.

3. recalls that the road to a healthy lifestyle has been found in the home and in your life.
The road to a healthy lifestyle is not located in offices of physicians or hospitals. You will find in our homes and our lives. Enjoy life and people around you will contribute to your health and reduced effects of aging. People who have described domestic life satisfactory were 24 percent more likely to live beyond the normal life expectancy.

4. watch your life at home.
Conventional wisdom is that the stress of work can be major obstacles to a healthy life. For many people, however, domestic life is a much more significant factor in overall health of working life. The positive effect of a good life at home is much more powerful than the negative impact of a life's work. Researchers who have studied the effect of work and marriage on health found that the strain of work a person was no stranger to long-term blood pressure. Those with strong marriages, however, showed an improvement of 8 percent over time. Those with struggling marriages, in contrast, deteriorated by 6 percent

5. Maintaining healthy relationships with those who are important in your life.
Our health is not only a reflection of our habits, it is also a reflection of our lifestyle and the people around us. People who enjoy strong relations are healthier because they feel less stress in general tend to deal with stressful situations better. Cultivate relationships with family and friends is important to health as eating right and exercising.

It is therefore important to take control of your health. Greater sense of control over what you're doing and what will happen to you, you will put less wear and tear on your body. By focusing on remedies and solutions to problems that arise, you can keep the focus on what you can do in any situation instead of where you can not do.

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