Thursday, June 2, 2011

Advantages and disadvantages of legalization of Weed

at 8:00 AM

The legal status of marijuana is a hot button issue among many Americans and even the world. Citizens on both sides of the debate are quite passionate about the subject, and indeed is not a simple question of whether the legalization of marijuana is simply one thing good or bad. Instead, both camps have enough valid points to support their respective positions and were adamant about them.

Before we examine the perceived negative effects of the legalization of marijuana. The biggest argument of the supporters of this position is that would serve as a gateway drug, meaning it would take to use stronger drugs that pose a real threat to their health. This argument, while the nominal value can hold a little water, essentially creates a precedent rather dangerous. It can be argued that nothing, not even something as harmless as a glass of wine during dinner, could lead to an individual to try something stronger. In short, it's a slippery slope. At what point does the chain of causation cut?

Another fairly common argument that gets brandied info regarding the harmful effects of marijuana is negative consequences for the health of the substance. While it may be true that smoking marijuana can have a negative impact on the overall health of an individual, is really no worse than having a cigarette, and that is perfectly legal, albeit heavily regulated in some States. In addition, some studies have linked the habitual use of marijuana for other diseases such as cancer. While obviously nobody wants to get the cancer, there is a list of common everyday products that have been linked to cancer and remain legal. Once again, arguing that marijuana is bad for the health of someone is marred by much of what we consume as a company has proven to be bad for your health.

The professionals of the legalization of marijuana are much more pronounced. Here are a few. Firstly, legalization would mean that marijuana could be taxed by the Government. In these economic times is just plain stupid that the Government did not exploit the financial bonanza that would be the legalization of marijuana. In many States (California is the most notable) there is already a natural market for the product and create jobs (even if tax-free). In order to make these jobs sets not free, the State should legalize marijuana and take possession of the situation first hand.

Subsequently, the legalization of marijuana would decrease the rate of crime in many States. If it were legal, then the criminal elements that are sometimes behind the sale and distribution no longer have a monopoly on the market. Consequently, crimes affiliates also would diminish. Generally speaking, the legalization of marijuana would have a clearly positive effect on society.

Related to the above point, the legalization of marijuana would make a great Hall of the people who use honest citizens law once again. These are people that otherwise obey the law, why should be stigmatized for taking a personal decision regarding the use of a substance that has a long history and culture.

In short, while there are valid arguments for both sides, legalization of marijuana has more advantages than disadvantages including, but not limited to, job, product taxable, lowered crime rate and a plethora of honest citizens those rights.

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