Thursday, June 9, 2011

Causes of diabetes exposed!

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The causes of diabetes include overconsumption of sugar and the high amount of refined carbohydrates. Other causes of diabetes may be due to voracious eating, overweight and obesity. This disorder occurs in all age categories, but it is more frequent among people of older age. As A result of eating habits of people nowadays, there are many cases of this deadly disease as compared to what was available a few years back.
This disorder occurs in the body, not just the glucose in the body rises above the normal level. That's why you should eat a healthy balanced diet. It is interesting to note that the dietary intake or fat is converted into glucose in the body for the availability of energy that allows for daily activities. The pancreas is the organ near the stomach for the release of insulin (the hormone that allows glucose to get stored in the cells of the body).
When the pancreas is not able to function effectively in the production of the amounts required insulin or cannot use insulin properly, problem occurs for glucose to get stored in the cells of which result in diabetes is now because the sugar is stored in the blood. Therefore, for this disorder to occur in the body there must be sufficient levels of insulin in the pancreas.
Low levels of insulin in the pancreas will decrease the body's ability to normalize the acidity of blood sugar into glucose, thus giving room for diabetes in the body. Pancreatic acid is deposited into the duodenum and go all the way through the channel of the duodenum. The work of the duodenum is to ensure that the secretions and bile enters the liver. Other causes of this disease include; tuberculosis, pain, the use of a medication for a long time, nutritional deficiencies, worry, anxiety, high intake of fats and proteins, brain disease, consumption of high amounts of refined carbohydrates such as inheritance.
There are many causes of diabetes that people aren't even aware of which needs to be identified. This is because this disease is not as friendly in any way causes more harm than good to his victims, if not given attention. Therefore, everyone should try and avoid this deadly disease as much as possible. The only way in which the disease can be avoided is to identify the causes and help against those causes. Avoiding lawsuits will go a long way in controlling the disease.
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