Friday, June 3, 2011

Fibormyalgia can be linked to gluten sensitivity and ruin those health

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"Look, Dr. Johnson," exclaimed Sarah as she entered the Nutrition Center dental tests. Sarah excitedly used the index finger of an exuberant and repeatedly pokes his forearm.
What is the big problem with that, you may ask? Sarah is a huge deal. Only a few weeks earlier, Sarah that she herself does not drive due to having a seizure, he entered my Office with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. She was in so much pain he couldn't stand anyone even slightly touching his skin anywhere on his body. For Sarah, giving or getting a hug was torture. The cat lay on her family was extremely painful even after a minute or two.
Thus, the fact that Sarah herself was poking the forearm was a big milestone. With an emerging sense of joy, I said, "Let's try this", and wrapped my arms around Sarah and gave her a big hug and asked if it hurt and she said, no! Wow-no pain!
Sarah told me that the previous week, she could give hugs, stand the cat pose on her and a number of other seemingly trivial things that were now a source of excitement and happiness.
In addition, Sarah said she doesn't see her Grandma or MOM while shopping as she was in a drunken state ... He used to, though, even though she was pushing a cart.
What lead to all these wonderful life changing improvements? Find the cause of the symptoms of Sarah! Instead of labelling my patients, I seek the cause or causes that create a malfunction of the patient's body (and in turn cause the various symptoms that suffer with).
I begin with a deep history and thorough review of previous tests that the patient has had in the past 6 months or so--a process that I call a re-examination of the case. Specialized tests later determine which order to understand what went wrong with the physiology of patients.
In the case of Sarah (and that of many other patients, chronic condition), we found she was sensitive to gluten and other foods, had genes of gluten and autoimmune attack on the intestines, which leads to intestinal malfunction (AKA leaky gut). I also found functional imbalances in brain function that needed rehabilitation.
After implementing a program of Neuro-metabolic therapy which involves using changes in diet and lifestyle, specific supplementation, and treatment of brain, the body of Sarah responded in a very favourable-just as I expected.
The treatments used in Neuro-metabolic therapy are not, per se, but habits (diet and lifestyle), die hard, so patient therapy program selection for Neuro-metabolic Johnson is made based on the commitment to change. Candidates for this specialized care must be willing to do everything asked of them to 6-12 months for best results in the long term.
Results as Sarah is living are what most health professionals live and are delighted to be able to report life-changing success, as described in this article. There is hope for many patients.
Dr. Karl s.w.r. Johnson is a chiropractic physician and medical writer in Shelby Township, Michigan. Dr. Johnson's areas of expertise include chiropractic, functional medicine, Neurology and functional spinal rehabilitation. He is the author of "Ultimate strategy" of eBooks on the themes of; Fibromyalgia, migraine and other disorders, debilitating headaches and balance as well as symptoms of thyroid unresolved. For more information and to receive my free DVD recovery Fibromyalgia Informational eBooks and free report, visit call 586-731-8840.
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