Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Formula of Fem Fit: caloric intake, physical activity and lifestyle changes

at 12:00 AM

I'm about to share with you My secret formula to weight loss top secret .... it only my elite Fit Fem ' rs get access to this type of information. Want to know the secret to weight loss and fitness peak? Shhh, sit in a quiet room where no one can see or hear you. It is classified information that only the authorities having access to Fem Fit. If you disclose this information, you can experiment with terrible consequences. Now you will find information that will change your life forever. Get ready for it. .. get ready for it.

Just kidding; I just wanted to draw your attention. It worked? There is no top secret formula here. It is amazing to me how we are educated about the loss of weight; We have access to a multitude of information portals from fitness websites, news pages, magazine, TV shows, radio programs, nutritionists, personal trainers, coaches, etc still there are intrigued by the whole phenomenon and fitness weight loss and are looking for a piece of information you take advantage of more rapid weight loss. Always lookin' for that quick. Well ain't happenin!

The secret to any plan for weight loss and fitness is the caloric intake, physical activity and lifestyle changes. This is all about. I'm here to refresh your memory.
Successful weight management, weight loss, more reliable and fitness plan is that the equation of a pound of fat equals 3500 calories. Make a calorie deficit is through the ingestion of small portions of food or burn calories through exercise, or a combination of both. Simple! The biggest concern is what to eat or exercise; It is effectively able to apply this knowledge to the daily routine. I know, I know, that we are interested in issues such as jobs, parenting and house keeping, responsibilities and social habits. Often these concerns to let discouragement from our plans and ignore or sacrificing our weight management plans because you only get "too hard" to change our lifestyles.

The basic equation in mind, every woman healthy, overweight or underweight should maintain a sustainable weight management, diet, weight loss and fitness plan. We already know. What you can certainly do it every day that will add up to your long-term goal of achieving the desired weight and necessary? Easy; make changes to your diet, fitness routines and habits of life every day. These small changes add up; before you know it, you reach your weight loss goals and fitness. Worth a try, isn't it?

Eat clean. 90% of what it looks like is what you eat. It is a fact. Fast food, finished products, frozen, canned, chemically made foods are a big NO NO. If you eat those, your ass would be the size of the Titanic. Do your best to eat fresh produce. Is my favorite quote from one of my favorite books, In Defense of food by Michael Pollan "eat food, not too much, mostly plants." That quote, basically, summarizes what you need to do to lower your calorie intake and eating foods filled with rich nutrients that your body needs.

Avoid being sedentary. If you're at home, do some chores that contribute to other weight management tasks and plans. In addition to a regular visit to your gym, chores such as carrying bag waste, collection of letters from the mailbox, regular cleaning of walls and automobiles, gardening, and dishwashing helps you burn unwanted calories. Can stand up while talking on the phone or surfing the internet. Walk a few steps in your Office and skipping the elevator or escalator. And if you have a work desk (I think I know what it's like), take more breaks in the bathroom. Stand up from your Chair and walk, take the longest to the bathroom. Take a flight of stairs instead of the elevator. And walk the walk, not the freshest coffee machine. Sai creamer and sugar it will add to pounds that you're desperate to lose.

Increase and maintain a physically active lifestyle required by daily chores and work to achieve the goals of weight loss and fitness. Studies that have taken a year have shown that women who regularly exercised for approximately 195 minutes weekly lost 7 percent of their abdominal fat. You know how much we hate that lower abdominal pouch right?

So get to it! Make those choices; eat right and exercise. It is not only a plan, but a lifestyle!