Thursday, June 2, 2011


at 1:00 AM

Nothing looks better in a couple of shorts or skirt under a fallen in love with a beautiful pair of legs and sexy. So many of my female clients tried various ways to tone your legs and many of them complained about how hard and how long it take to do so. If you happen to be one of these women, have you ever considered adding stairs climbing to your workouts?

Stair climbing is one of those workouts that have gained a great popularity in recent years and can give great results in a short amount of time compared to other trainings out there. Because the center of mass is lifted vertically, the weight of the body has no support whatsoever and that is why you are required to exert a greater effort, thus burning more calories.

There are stairs climbing machine that you can use for your workouts and are able to simulate the experience of climbing stairs in the comfort of your home or your gym. Some like an escalator, creating a motorized movement of passages and stairs climbing movement that replica. There are those that consist of a platform for every foot you step up and while a platform goes down, the other platform goes on and so forth. These simpler machines are called steppers, but can still offer great workouts.

Of course, you can easily get your ladder climbing exercises done without even having to buy a car. I'm all about without apology. You can use the stairs in your House or stairwell in taller buildings. So you can save money and kick your ass at the same time as impressive huh? You never compromise your need for exercise and by finding a flight of stairs is not that hard, you will not have any excuse for not getting your workouts out of the way no matter where you happen to be. In fact, athletes do quite often. The staple in their workouts. Have you ever noticed that football players are told by their coach to run up and down the stairs? Not saying you should work out as a football player or appear as a football player (not very feminine I know), but why not reap the benefits of these types of workouts? Doing some is part of their training and only one of their many workouts and making do with what they have.

Let's just set this straight. Absolutely HATE workout … haha Yes, I hate stair climbing but ' fantabulous ' for your legs and your toosh and is therefore worth the agony I feel when I do. I'm sorry, but I don't sugar coat anything. Is nothing short of torture but your soon to be sexy legs will love you for it. Stair climbing is an intense workout to get big muscles and sometimes we need for the intensity to achieve our weight loss and fitness goals.

The key is to set yourself a goal of completing a certain amount of climbs or maybe even go for a certain period of time or you can listen to music in the background and unleashed, while salt. Training that makes it much more bearable! And if you like really stair climbing, well then you're a Fit Fem Super Star!