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Head lice treatment-facts and myths about the harmful effects of lice

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Here are a few myths surrounding lice:

"Oh! You have head lice. You can also obtain some sort of infection from them."
"Have a look at this kid, he has lice. He is obscene."
"I don't want to play with her. She has lice and they might be a health hazard."
"Did you see this dude? He has nits all over his head. This person almost definitely doesn't wash his hair every day."

What could possibly the above remarks possibly mean?

There is no reality in the comments mentioned above. They are incorrectly related with lice and ladies, especially youngsters in academia, have to face mean and obnoxious feed-back because of such lack of knowledge. They're all myths.

Here are the facts that you must hold in mind about lice before starting head lice treatment:

Lice do not transmit any virus
Head lice are not a health hazard
Lice don't make you cruel or disgusting
You can't control lice by shampooing your hair each and every day

We need to fully understand that Americans who get lice don't actually volunteer to receive them. They were carried through other people's head or frequently used objects that had been infested. So, it's not a wise decision to call them obscene or undesirable.

No-Nit Plan in Some Schools and Day-Care

In quite a few schools, there is a procedure that if a youngster has nits in hair, they can't join school unless there are no nits. So, until that little one gets clear of all the nits by going through a head lice treatment, she / he are going to have to stay away from school. Schools and day-care establishments are the venues from where children are almost certainly to get infested.

But the truth is, I don't like this plan. The primary reason is that when small children return to school, they have to cope with a new hassle. Yes, they get bullied just because of the fact that they once had lice in their hair.

Head-shaving is taken into account to be a possible route, but the fact of the matter is that most students don't feel comfy with it, most notably a girl. Most young people will feel unwanted in school without hair. Not to mention the smart comments they will receive from fellow kids.

Plus, there is no assurance that after the hair grows up, they won't get lice again. Just like other methods, head-shaving is also a short-term solution.

Head lice treatment is required when a person's head is infested by lice. Lice are not risky or nasty and they don't transfer any disease either.

So, be calm if you get them... and be cool with those who have them.

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