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Automatic hand dryers-the preferred choice

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We take for granted the technology developed by manufacturers of public bathrooms supplies. Most public bathrooms are fitted with at least one automatic device. One of the oldest inventions that still is used to this day is the hand blower. I use that term hand blower versus referring to it as a dryer because the original models were strong enough to heat a small room, dry a person's hair or dry out damp clothing! This turbo powered blowing is what the first machines were well known for.

At first it was assumed that these dryers were more sanitary than using disposable paper towels. Eventually it was discovered that this strong blast of air was actually helping to spread germs into the air and onto surfaces in the restroom. Once these test results put a damper on the automatic hand dryer's reputation, they set to work to improve upon their design.

The newer designs function more efficiently while at the same time using less power. Automatic dryers are getting the job done in a shorter span of time so the machine is on for fewer seconds. Manufacturers added new HEPA filters and improved on the design so that water is not wildly displaced. The newer models combine increased efficiency with a reduction in the evidence of bacteria.

Another feature about these dryers that appeals to many business owners is the reduction in waste. They are reducing their paper waste by either eliminating or drastically reducing their use of paper towels. Some businesses like to offer the choice of paper towels and electric hand dryers. Even in this scenario the paper towel use is greatly reduced. Once electric dryers are given as an option to your customers or clients, the reduction in waste will be dramatic.

When paper towels are the only alternative, people tend to yank more towels from the dispenser than is needed. This results in a waste of paper products and possibly a mess of discarded towels overflowing the garbage container and sometimes littering the floor. Implementation of the automated dryers drastically reduces the mess and garbage.

Although there is an initial investment in the machine and the installation, the savings realized from reducing or eliminating paper products quickly makes up for the expense. It is a great way to save money thrown away on disposable towels. It keeps the restrooms cleaner and neater. And now with design improvements, these machines are much more hygienic than when they were originally introduced.

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