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What Is Artificial Insemination And Why Go To Spain For This Fertility Treatment?

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Living in Spain, I realised recently that there are lots of British couples coming over for artificial insemination and other fertility treatments here in Spain's Costa del Sol. My first thought was that with something so life changing why would you want to travel at all, but chatting to some couples it became very obvious why they decided to travel to Spain.

Many types of fertility treatments are very costly and a couple will often have to go through treatment more than one time, so it can add up to a lot of money. And although some of the couples whom I interviewed for this article said that money was the primary deciding factor, the secondary reason is that lots and lots of couples have had extremely positive experiences at clinics in the Costa del Sol, Spain.

In fact it is not only my research but the British Government's website for Human Fertilisation and Embryology that shows that many patients who travel overseas are very satisfied with the treatment and care standard. The site gives good guidelines on what to research before making decisions and travelling.

The people in this area of Spain are very friendly and when I first moved here it did remind me in some ways of the friendliness experienced in Ireland, where I am from, so it doesn't surprise me to hear of these positive experiences.

So if a couple are considering travelling here, one of the viable treatment options is artificial insemination.

Artificial insemination is offered when infertility is due to a mild disturbance in sperm production, cervical causes or a so-called unexplained infertility.

If it is a viable treatment for a couple, then artificial insemination works like this. A sperm sample is given by the male partner of the woman undergoing artificial insemination treatment. If the sperm of the male is not viable then artificial insemination by donor is an option.

Whether the sperm is from the partner or a donor, the treatment involves a sperm wash (that is, mixing sperm with a washing medium and centrifugation) of the sample, which will eliminate all but the best motile sperm cells.

These are then brought to the uterine cavity with a thin plastic catheter as close to the time of ovulation as possible. Often a light hormonal treatment is also included to improve the likelihood of pregnancy, as is done with ovulation induction.

The likelihood of pregnancy in inseminations is about 15% per treatment when the partner's sperm is used. Several attempts (3 to 6) are recommended, which will increase the chances of falling pregnant. When donor sperm is used, this likelihood is slightly higher, about 20% per treatment.

The warmth of the climate and the people, the cheaper costs and high standards are some of the reasons why a couple may choose to come here for treatment. Additionally egg donation is legal here, so if there should be any issue with the quality of the woman's eggs, than a donor could be found.

In conclusion there are a number of good reasons why couples should consider going to Spain for artificial insemination, as well as other fertility treatments. The first is that it is generally a lot less money than back in Britain and some other countries, the success rates and clinic stanards are high as well as the treatment getting plenty of very positive reviews from those who have already been to Spain. As mentioned the climate helps, as it is normally very pleasant.

There is a choice of fertility clinics in this area for artificial insemination in Spain, both in the big cities and the Costa del Sol there are some good choices. Always check that the standards and success rates are high before booking into any clinic for artificial insemination, or any other infertility treatment, in Spain or any other foreign country.

Jackie writes for Clinica Fertia which is a Fertility Clinic, in the Costa del Sol Spain. Specialist Scandinavian knowledge is employed at this clinic, which has a very good success rate. Artificial Insemination Costa del Sol is one of a range of infertility treatments offered at this Fertility Clinic, in Spain.
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