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Tracking Your Weight Loss Progress Using The GM Diet Chart

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Now many companies are encouraging their employees to maintain a healthy weight healthy because workers are running well compared to those who are sick. General Motors Corp. or GM has jumped on the bandwagon by introducing its own diet plan applied to employees who need to shed some extra pounds. To be able to monitor the progress of employees, was created a separate GM diet chart.
Various nutrition experts believe that the best technique to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. In this way, you won't be able to add more to your weight, and this is the premise for his diet plan followed by GM. Because it requires accurate data, a GM diet chart is useful because it can help in tracking down if you really lose weight or not. The GM diet plan lasts 7 days and its primary objective is to burn lots of calories through the prevention of certain foods, change their diet and doing the exercises right.
To ensure that we have designed the chart right GM diet, we need to know how does the diet plan. By the way, the chart can be made by you because it is a simple to do. The first day of the diet entails the consumption of fruit except bananas. Quantity does not matter and the most recommended to be eaten watermelon because it can contribute so much to weight loss.
The second day of the diet plan will be started with a big bowl of potatoes for breakfast and lunch and dinner will consist of both raw and cooked vegetables. On the third day will be a combination of fruits and vegetables. But, we must avoid bananas and potatoes to this day. The graph of GM diet must reflect the foods eaten by dietitians, to be able to determine how much weight they lose every single day.
The fourth day will be all milk and bananas. Milk should be three glasses and bananas should be eight pieces and a vegetable soup for the night are recommended in the diet plan designed by GM. The fifth day is beef and tomatoes and water can be increased to track down uric acid. Beef and vegetables are recommended foods for the sixth day and rice, juice of fruits and vegetables should be eaten on the last day of the diet.
As much as possible, all these foods should be reflected in the GM diet chart. Also, diet should do their share by putting down the data honestly in the chart so that the result will be true and accurate. If you decide to put down incorrect information, so don't expect that the result will reflect the real status of your weight or health.
Employees must follow the GM diet plan, because it is very effective and you will be able to see the results in a week. You'll know if GM has designed an effective diet plan or not. To monitor your weight loss, you should also consider the GM diet chart.
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