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Health and Fitness is a decision

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My 90 day body transformation: where I started
February 16, 2011, I started a 90-day fitness because I started to feel the slow, tired, unhealthy and in the worst shape of my life. Their are many programs out there that you can choose from and I recommend to go out and find one that fits best.
I've always grown up being active in life throughout grade school and most of my twenties. I grew up in martial arts, swimming through the gymnasium and tennis courts. At the age of 30 years, I started to let myself go eat travelling where ever my busy life has led me to eat. Do not choose what my body needs to stay healthy, instead I choose food that I wanted to emotionally. That can lead to a death trap in most lives and mine was no different.
9 months after my sister introduced me to a house in cardio program, I started to make a choice to change my life health wise. The first go around was about a 50% commitment and guess what I got out of it? A result of 25%! My nutrition was my match fitness and what I found out later down the road is that if you want to totally transform your body fitness and wellness and feel better on a daily basis, then it must make a commitment to nutrition. In the opinion of many people, including my own, nutrition is 80% of the battle. Without eating properly and consistently, you will be wasting your time.
This is where my battle was to find time for fitness and nutrition make happen in my life. I worked the graveyard am 2-8 am. He took children to school and worked my day job from 9 to 16. When I got home, I was tired and had to sleep in order to be ready for the next round which began at 2 am again. The truth is that everyone has a busy schedule and where most people fail to even start to improve their lives is in the initial decision to just do it. Just like the popular Nike saying, "Just Do It!" No matter your schedule and no matter how busy you are, you are suppose to put health on the line. Without your health, how are you? The answer is not too good. Because we work so hard and don't overlook our bodies, because we're all mentally prepared that we must work hard to stay up with life's busy schedule, and then we deserve to relax after the 17. rush hour, or happy hour.
You will need to take a decision to change your life
Okay, enough about that, let's get to the health and fitness. Firstly, it must take the decision to work just as hard on your health than your finances, we have already said that. Secondly, it must commit to making your program choose no matter what is your busy schedule. Everyone can make time for something that you feel really is important in life and people can easily do the exact opposite and procrastinate on things that they think you can live without. Without health, not to live as a time to enjoy what you work so hard for. The point, but it's true. Then, thirdly, it must be consistent and I think you will succeed.
Prepare yourself is important. This means choosing the right fitness program that has proven to get the desired results, planning out your mealsaccording for your program, recording your workouts and see your improvement and leaving him to be a guide to improving as each week goes on. These three points are vital to know before you start. I love the saying, "If you don't know where you're going, how do you know where to start?"
You should know well against bad protein, carbohydrates and fats
Correct nutrition maximize your results more than you know. If your not eating right, you're wasting your time and at the end of your fitness program, you will be disappointed in the results and stop because you think that life is not working. Then examine all of the other success story and bring you down and make you say that is a scam, when the truth is that you scammed yourself.
Okay, what are the things that you can eat that will help you and things that don't ...
Good proteins that will help fat loss are Chix, Turkey Breast, ricotta, egg, crab and salmon.
Good carbohydrates include bread wheat sprouted spelt, millet, rice, quinoa, sweet potato, with a little butter and cinnamon, and all fruit and vegetables is good to go (good fiber in fruit and vegetables actually help you burn fat faster).
How about fats, Yes, there are good fats that will help you burn fat faster than eating it. This is the avocado, all-natural peanut butter (I love PB2), almond, olive oil, coconut oil and raw nuts. Good fats will help you burn fat and bad FAT stores fat inside you.
What I've learned to stay away from are foods with a high content of sugar and processed foods. If you want your liver break down fats in your body, you must stop feeding it processed foods such as high fructose syrup, artificial sweeteners, and hydrogenated oils.
Now you have an idea that will help food and foods that will kill you. One thing is certain is that whatever you eat, you should enjoy it. Just because the food is healthy, it doesn't mean that doesn't taste good. Also, make sure you are eating portions right at every meal. Usually a slice is the size of your fist. The amount of protein and carbohydrates you should eat per day depends on your weight less body fat. So, if you have 20% body fat, times from your total body weight, therefore less that number out of your total body weight, which is how many grams you need per day of proteins and carbohydrates. (example: 20% X 180 lbs = 36 lbs of fat inside your body 180 lbs-36 pounds of fat = 144 kg of lean body weight. You must eat 144 grams of protein and 144 grams of carbohydrates per day) now divide the total grams (144) the number of meals you eat in a day and that is your number (in this scenario, someone who eats every meal to 144 for 5 times a day will need 28.8 grams)
Tony Banawa today is a graduate of some of the top fitness programs outside the House and he wants to share his experiences with the world. He put together his blog to share with you his fitness and nutritional choices that helped him get the maximum result down the road. Visit Fitness is a choice, and is also a way to raise your children up the right nutritional decisions for themselves from a very young age. One way that Tony was able to stay on the path of proper nutrition should take a substitute of a meal that I could use on the road. Everyone is busy, so most people with a dedicated nutrition plan will need a substitute of a meal. Choose wisely and make sure it's one that takes care of your daily needs, as well as promotes a healthy digestive system that is the key to fitness.
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