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Health benefits from Balinese massage

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Balinese massage is a popular type of oriental massage therapy that focuses on bringing the deep relaxation, well-being of the whole body and unclogging blocked qi paths. This treatment includes the use of gentle long stretches, reflexology, aromatherapy and acupressure as his total package for healing and soothing the body of the client. Rolling, kneading, skin and delicate strokes are also used during therapy sessions of this technique.
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Balinese massage is a popular type of Oriental massage therapy which focuses in bringing deep relaxation, whole body wellness, and unclogging of blocked qi pathways. This therapy includes the use of gentle long strokes, reflexology, aromatherapy and acupressure as its total package for healing and soothing the client's body. Skin rolling, kneading, and gentle stretches are also utilized during therapy sessions of this technique.

This Indonesian traditional form of massage therapy, like all types of therapeutic massage developed in Asian countries, follows the simple concept that the life force or qi holds the balance between health and wellness. With this type of therapy, unblocking the pathways for the energy inside the body is crucial in attaining good physical and emotional condition. The methods used for this process is through applying pressure on the meridians with acupressure therapy. The therapist conducts various techniques with his or her hands while applying a varying force of pressure on key areas. Blood and oxygen flow in the body are improved with every sessions of this therapy as it helps in unblocking the pathways.

Special oils are used during therapies in which they possess healing properties, vitamins and minerals that are helpful in treating and preventing physical and mental problems. During the therapy, these oils are used in their warm temperature to help nurture their calming effect on the body. These oils have specific scents that have varying healing, calming, and energizing abilities. Essential oils are usually used for this kind of special massage oils used for Balinese massage therapies. Massage therapists choose three or a blend of essential oils to be used on the patient in a massage therapy. The client also has the liberty to decide on his or her own regarding the selection of the massage oils. Proper selection of these oils plays a huge role on the success, benefits and effects of the therapeutic massage. The patient should be careful though in picking his or her preferred oil as some oils can cause skin irritations, especially to sensitive types of skin. There's no need for worries though as the therapist can always assess and assist the client in choosing the right essential oil for the therapy.

Balinese massage is good for treating:

• Stress - acupressure on pressure points, reflexology and simple Swedish massage strokes such as effleurage and petrissage helps in relieving stress within the body.

• Muscle pain - acupressure acts as a deep therapeutic massage technique which improves the condition of stiff muscles groups. The body benefits by being relieved from chronic and acute muscle pain. Gentle strokes also helps in stimulating and soothing muscle problems that causes various types of body pain.

• Sleep problems - Balinese massage improves the sleeping pattern of the client by calming the body and setting the mind in a good condition, thus allowing proper sleeping pattern to occur.

• Anxiety and depression - nerve stimulation from the effleurage and reflexology sends messages to the brain thus manipulating the emotion to succumb to a better mental condition. Balinese massage is good in treating and removing anxiety as well as depression.

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