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Play safely with foam sports matting

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Whether you're a school, an activities centre or an athletics clubs, the safety of your students and members will be of paramount importance to you. Foam sports matting provides an outstanding level of protection due to its incredibly durable flame retardant PVC coated polyester outer layer and high quality castellated polyurethane foam. These mats are incredibly easy to use, have a special base that prevents them from slipping and handles which will make it incredibly easy to carry or to move the mats without straining your back. The mats also use a layer of mesh with breathable holes to provide extra cushioning as we well as toggles that allow a number of mats to be fastened together. The mats can be covered with a one piece foam filled nylon mesh that is suitable for athletes or competitors who are using running spikes. In order to increase the levels of safety certain mats such as those used for the pole vault or the high jump can be used in conjunction with base platforms that are designed to prevent the mats from moving while in use. The base platform will also provide a level of protection for the mats themselves by preventing them from sitting in any surplus water that may have gathered overtime. This can increase the life span of the mats and prevent the water from seeping into the foam, being adsorbed and causing the fabrics in the inside of the mats to perish.

Foam sports matting is also commonly used to provide a landing area for indoor climbing activities. The mats can be individually designed to fit with the exact specifications of the surrounding area. Many climbing walls have rather irregular shapes and in order to produce a custom-made landing area it is necessary to use a sophisticated laser measuring device. Once the exact size of the area has been measured the measurements are uploaded to a computer aided design programme and the covers can then be generated. The ideal is that the covers will fit perfectly in to the contours of the wall and can be fitted with the required level of foam density which will largely be dependent upon the high of the wall. An additional safety feature that is designed to further reduce the risk of injury, is to use a strong Velcro to attach large covers which should be placed over the individual modules and then attached to each other.

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