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Super Health Tip-be balanced in your quest

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A stool Has 3 Legs - just one or two and you fall over. The three primary legs are what you eat, how you exercise, and what happens in your life internally and externally. Never focus on just one - keep a balance.

What we eat determines 70% of our health. With the diet crazes that are constantly sweeping our culture, more and more people are focusing on just reducing their calories, or eating only selected foods. Some diets center on high meat protein, some high carbs, and others focus on blood type or metabolic type. Unbalanced diets like these are narrowly focused on losing weight and have little regard or understanding of basic nutrition.

Limiting our food intake to only what someone else or we believe will help lose weight will never succeed because our bodies become nutritionally unsatisfied. Then our bodies drive us to consume whatever is available to meet our nutritional needs. This is the main reason why diets fail. It isn't just a matter of self-discipline. We must balance our plan with our bodies needs.

Try the China Study Diet for a few weeks and see what happens. Restrict your meat and dairy, processed and refined foods, and drink a green smoothie once a day. My basic recipe is on my website. Your body will become nutritionally satisfied, your cravings will diminish and go away. Then work from there. But stay balanced. You'll lose weight down to your ideal weight and stay there naturally.

The second leg, exercise, determines 20% of your health. Get moving, running, hiking, biking, swimming, or any aerobic exercise several times a week. Do some stretching. See my basic stretching routine on the site. Good health requires a good flow of fuel and oxygen to your cells, and removal of waste products. Exercise makes this happen.

Finally, to be truly healthy, the final 10% is our health environment. To stay balanced we need to think, feel, and act positively, both inwardly and outwardly. You have a relationship with yourself and with others that must be nurtured with self-respect and self-esteem. That comes from a sound healthy view of the world, of yourself, and others. Love yourself and enjoy solitary time and love others and enjoy social time with them.

Take time frequently to take your health balance pulse, in all three areas. Study, reflect, try out, monitor, and reflect, as you grow in knowledge and health..

by Terry Kent, founder of The Health and Nutrition Center

To your health,

Terry "Stay Balanced" Kent

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